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Rugby - How To Develop An Injury Prevention Program And Double Your Recovery Time


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Rugby is a full contact sport. It is very different from American Gridiron because there are less stoppages and no protective gear apart from the clothes they are wearing. It is common to see more horrific rugby injuries than American Gridiron. One of the most common injuries a rugby can have are shoulder injuries such as shoulder tendinitis.

Shoulder tendinitis can occur if a rugby player perform continuous repetitive movements such as tackling a player or a traumatic injury like colliding your shoulder onto another player. The first thing you need to do when you notice you have any shoulder problem is to rest it and go see your health professional as soon as possible. One of the main symptoms you may notice if that you will have difficulties in performing daily activities of living. For example, it can be a struggle for you to put your clothes on or reaching for the cupboard above your head.

To prevent all these problems from occurring you must have an injury prevention program. An injury prevention program should consist of the following:

  • Teaching of correct rugby technique. It is important to know the correct the technique because it will make you more effective and you will exert less energy and force to do it.
  • Perform a quick three or four minute jog before the game starts.
  • Stretch your major muscle groups like your shoulder biceps, hamstrings and calves.
  • Make sure you are properly hydrated before you start the game. Drink lots of water and avoid anything that may dehydrate you like eating salty foods or drinking alcohol.

To learn more secrets on how you can diagnose rotator cuff injuries and treat shoulder tendinitis visit a popular shoulder website.


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