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Rodeo & Recreation & Sports Article Category
Articles about or concerning Rodeos, Rodeo Events, History Of Rodeo, Bull Riding.
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Bull Ride With Powerbalance For Strength And Endurance

 Brad Roberts (June 05, 2011)  Bull riding is a rodeo sports activity that requires a rider wanting to remain placed on a bull as it tries to knock the rider off. There are various traditions based on what nation the activity is being practiced in. To illustrate, in the Unites States, the objective of the rider is to stay with the bull for only eight seconds. There are bull riding sports outside of the United States .. (Rodeo)

Top Rodeo Bulls

 Candis Reade (July 28, 2008)  Bull riding is a fascinating rodeo sport: a rider trying to stay mounted on the top rodeo bulls for as long as they can. But, usually the angry bull bucks off the rider long before it reaches eight seconds. One may think that it is eight seconds too soon, but when you are hanging by the bull with just one hand tightly fastened around the long braided rope, eight seconds can seem like a .. (Rodeo)

The Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo

 Darlene Anderson (June 28, 2008)  Abilene, Kansas is a relatively small town located along the Smoky Hill River in central Kansas. Driving through the streets of Abilene today, there is little to remind you of the wild and famous past of this quiet town. From 1867 to 1872 the town of Abilene was the stopping point of the famous Chisholm Trail. During that period millions of longhorn cattle were driven up the trail from . (Rodeo)

Cowboy Etiquette

 Jay Hopson (June 17, 2008)  Most folks wouldn't automatically conclude that cowboys have manners, but in my day, most cowboys were considered true gentlemen. The tipping of the hat to a lady still applies in many cases, but let's examine some less familiar forms of cowboy etiquette. Growing up on a ranch in NE New Mexico brought numerous lessons in cowboy conduct, many of which are still alive in today's less .. (Rodeo)

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