Bruce Lee With A Gun?


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Can you imagine Bruce Lee with a gun?

Me neither.

Truth is, there's very little about Bruce Lee's view on guns. He was more focused on using his body, other weapons, and his mind to win and dominate fights.

But here's the rub:

If you want to give yourself the highest chance of survival in a violent situation you should at least familiarize yourself with the basics of firearms. Even if you are someone who doesn't want to have a gun, use a gun or even look at a gun.


Because - and this happens all the time to people who never thought it would - you never know when you will have to use a neighbor's, or one that you've just wrestled out of the hands of an attacker.

This is a very common scenario, actually. You just never know when you are going to be thrust into a situation where you will have to use someone else's firearm to save your own life.

For example. . .

Imagine you are fighting some thug and you manage to disarm him. He gets up and pulls a long, blood stained knife and starts coming at you. . You have the gun pointed at him and have maybe five seconds to use it.

Do you know where the safety is on it? Do you know how to quickly turn off the safety if it is on? Is the gun cocked? Are there any bullets in it? If so how many? Do you know how to check?

For some people, these are simple questions. For others - especially people who are deathly afraid of guns, or hate them and have never really considered they may need to use one some day - these are just a few things to consider learning about.

Sifu Matt Numrich is one of only a few instructors with Full Certification in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and also the Filipino Martial Arts. His students include everyone from Federal Air Marshals and military elites…to small children and 65-year old ladies. Matt also offers free weekly street-fighting lessons by email at .


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