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Which Rifle Ammo Caliber Is Considered To Be The Best In Which Situation?

Stacy Malcom

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Looking to buy rifle ammunition that will suit your penchant of purchasing rifles? Then you are in luck. To start off, most rifles are not the suitable deterrent for self-defense, but for hunting and home defense purposes, they will be your best companion. When it all comes down to purchasing an assault rifle, and if you decide on purchasing an M4 or an M16 type rifle, then you should pat yourself on the back for making a good purchase. Most of these rifles will set you back a long way when your wallet is concerned, but in this world, you get what you pay for.

Before progressing forward, the caliber of the rifle and bullets go a long way in adjusting your performance and accuracy. Here, we look at some of the caliber of rifles and bullets that will help you make your decision easier.

Caliber Of Rifles And Bullets

Before proceeding forward with the calibers, you need to understand that there are two kinds of cartridges: Rimfire and Centerfire

Rimfire Cartridges

When buying rifle ammunition, such as Blackout ammo, you should know that Rimfire cartridges are extremely affordable. In addition, Rimfire ammo detonates when they come in to contact with a surface. The most common rimfire cartridges are calibers .22s.

Centerfire Cartridges

Centerfire cartridges are more expensive compared to Rimfire cartridges. However, their price will vary depending on the caliber. Furthermore, Centerfire cartridges are faster compared to the other cartridge, with the ability to travel up to 2,000 feet per second. In addition, they are more powerful and offer greater range, and superior performance in comparison to their rivaling cartridge.


What you need to understand is that the smallest cartridges; which possess the caliber dimensions of .17s and .22s are categorized under Rimfire cartridges while the larger calibers normally fall under centerfire cartridges. Smaller cartridges are preferred for hunting smaller species of animals and occasional target practice; whereas larger caliber rifles and bullets are best used when you want to take down larger species of animals.

Famous Cartridges For Use In Rifles

There are several rifle ammunition types available and for your perusal, and we have listed them below for your convenience.

.17 HMR: This form of Rimfire cartridge is ideal for use in shooting smaller species of animals (when you go on a hunting trip that is). The .17 HMR combines a .17 caliber bullet, which results in shots that will create high muzzle velocity. These high muzzle velocity shots are able to fire flat trajectory bullets that posses a lot of power, making them the ideal companion for effective long range shots. The .17 HMR is regarded widely as the one of the most accurate Rimfire cartridge available.

.22 LR: Popular in terms ‘most number of sold’ cartridges worldwide, this particular type of caliber is able to stock out faster than the other cartridges. This is because in addition of being cheap compared to the others, the .22 LR is also effective when you have the intent to hunt down larger animals.

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