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Do You Have the Right Hunting Knife?


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Finding the perfect hunting knife can be a difficult task. One needs to consider several things in order to make the right decision.

  • Are you a big game or small game hunter?
  • Are you hunting for a trophy or for the meat?
  • Is this knife just for hunting or is it to be used as an all purpose knife?

    In this article we are going to go over the different types of knives, their blades, and their purposes.

    The most obvious difference in knives is whether they have a fixed blade, folding blade, or a replaceable blade.

  • A fixed blade knife is one where there are no moving parts. The metal of the blade is incorporated into the handle of the knife. This is the strongest type of knife. This type of knife requires a sheath in order to carry it safely.

  • A folding knife is one where the blade folds back into the handle. The blade, when opened, becomes locked into place. This type of knife is most popular for use as an all purpose knife. It can be carried easily in the pocket or a pouch attached to a belt.

  • A replaceable blade knife is one that allows the user to switch out the blade of the knife. The additional blades are usually stored within the handle. This type of knife offers a hunter some versatility.

    The next difference in knives that has to be considered is the actual blade design. Again, there are three types to choose from.

  • The drop point blade is a blade that is somewhat thicker, curved blade. This type of blade is perfect for skinning an animal without damaging the meat. This blade is also strong enough to allow the hunter to gut the animal and break through bones.

  • The clip point blade has a thinner blade with a more distinct point. This is the type of knife that is more useful to most hunters. It can perform the same functions that the drop point knife will, just not as well.

  • The skinning blade is designed specifically to skin game. It can easily remove the hide from the flesh of the animal. It is considered ideal to have a dedicated skinning knife for those that hunt frequently as it can save a hunter a lot of time in the field.

    An easily overlooked consideration in selecting a knife is the actual handle. Handles can be made from wood, bone, rubber, composite materials, or wrapped in leather. The important thing to keep in mind here is that once the handle becomes wet, how easy will it be to hang onto? The handle of the knife you select could mean the difference between safe utilization or a trip to the emergency room.

    Other things to consider include “gut hooks" and serrations. A gut hook allows a hunter to cut into the game without perforating the stomach or intestines and contaminating the surrounding meat. A knife with serrations allow a hunter to, when necessary, saw through the bones.

    By taking this information into consideration before you start looking for a hunting knife, you are more able to select a knife that will do everything that you need it to do.

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