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Can you take a big deer? Absolutely! Can everyone? Probably, but not likely. Why would I make such a statement? Because it's true. Every year, in every state, hunters go into the woods in search of a trophy buck. More often than not, they come out empty handed with nothing but their weapons. If you're not seeing deer it is because you are doing something wrong.

You have to change the way you hunt. If you have a buddy who is making a lot of noise, or can't be still, let him hunt by himself. But most importantly, hunt where other hunters are not. It is a fact that most hunters will not travel far from their truck. If you can see your truck from your tree stand, you are way too close! Get out way before the season starts and after the season ends.

My cousin and I spend countless hours scouring the woods in search of new hunting spots and shed antlers. This will do two things. It will tell you where that deer you were looking for went when all the other hunters pushed him out and it will show you where he will probably be next year. Deer know when deer season is. No, they don't have a calendar (at least I hope not). But they can definitely tell the increase of activity in their woods. Everything you do, or even that you don't do, can effect the outcome of your hunt.

It's the attention to the details that will pay off in the matter of deer hunting. The deer's nose, his sense of smell, is what can foil a hunt more than anything and it is the hardest thing to overcome. You can really increase your odds of getting a deer by paying attention to scent control. Wash your clothes in a scent control laundry soap. Then put them in a scent proof container. A trash bag will do if you have nothing else. My cousin hangs his out on a line all deer season, and it seems to work well. Once you get your clothes scent free, you need to take care of yourself.

A scent free body wash will work well. Once you achieve this, be very careful to remain scent free. Don't stop and eat breakfast or gas up your truck. What would be the use of being scent free if you were just going to be contaminated with new smells? A deer knows a McDonald's breakfast sandwich does not belong in his woods. Now we are in the woods and we are just planning on hunting off the ground. I would try to find a trail that spokes out about 20 yds away from a well traveled doe trail. You should set up on the north or south side to avoid the sun giving away your position.

If at all possible hunt downwind of the way you expect the deer to come. This is a very basic hunting situation. To get close to a big deer requires a lot of preparation and a little luck. A lot of times you can use other hunters to your advantage. If you have hunted the same area for years, you can pretty much guess where they are going to hunt and which way they might push the deer. Be ready for them.

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