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Cheap Way To Make A Ghillie Suit

Richard Bogdanowicz

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The Ghillie suit is undoubtedly one of the number one products invented to change history. This method of camouflage is unbeaten in any scenario. Ghillie suits are used in the military, hunting and paintball.

The construction of a well made Ghillie suit is time consuming. The number one element is patients and vision. You will not construct a Ghillie suit quickly because it cannot be done that way. I will lay out all the information for you and even suggest where to get these materials.

The following will be needed:

  • Stringy fiber (Jute or burlap, basically the same thing)
  • Dye to color (fabric dye in brown, green, red or to whatever you need)
  • Something to glue it to ( I have used old jean jackets well but most use bdu's)
  • 3 Tubes of shoe glue
  • Netting (enough to cover the area you want concealed)

That's all you really need to get going. Fist off I do recommend buying the Jute or burlap from a Ghillie suit store . It is safer as they are treated to be less flammable. Ghillie suits can catch on fire quickly even from the flash of a gun.

Die the string to match your environment and spread it out to dry. While that is happening lay the netting over the jacket cut around arms and back leaving enough to rap around. Do the same with the pants. Now lay them out with the netting on top and start running shoe glue across the netting in strips. You should use about 2 tubes on this.

Now you just have to wait till everything dries. Once dried, you can start tying the strips alternating colors staying away from creating patterns. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Every time you enter about 3 strands to tie I give it a dab of shoe glue to keep it together. Keep this up and you will be done soon.

This will be a very worth while project and this suit will increase your kill rate and may save your butt someday.

Richard Bogdanowicz


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