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What Is Spread Betting In Horse Racing?


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The common use of the term ‘spread betting’ is usually done in the financial markets. The ‘spread’ is actually a margin by which the stock would rise or fall. The spread betting, for common understanding, is all about the range or the margin by which the stocks would rise or fall. When this analogy is applied to the horse racing sport, it translates to betting on the ‘margins’ or ‘spreads’ of the game.

Spread betting is considered to be quite complex and risky as well. The complexity of the bets is due to the way this betting is structured. The risk factors prevent many punters to use this method of betting, although the same can also get them big winning sums. This form of horse racing betting can be done both on the horses and the jockeys, using what is called a Favourite Index. This is the index on which the scores are given to the different participating race horses. The race horse which is the most likely winner will have the highest points in this index whereas the one with the lowest chances of winning will be carrying the low index score. Now, how is it determined who is more likely to win and who is less likely to do so? The answer lies in the betting odds. The one having the lowest betting odds is more likely to win since the bookies make it that way so that they do not end up paying out huge payouts. The one having the biggest betting odds in favour are least likely to win and the bookies fix their odds accordingly. Similarly, this index can be applied even on the jockeys, with the only difference that the bets are placed on the speculation about the type of race they are likely to have.

The bettors would find the ways to bet on just about anything in a sport. Spread betting in horse racing can also be done on the winning distance. This means that the bets are placed on the margin of the distance from which on horse wins the race from the next best one. And, there are really interesting terms which define this distance, like the head, the neck, a length and even the fractions thereof. If you were to think of the factors which can affect the spread distance betting, you would invariably have to consider the proceeding of the race course. The whole race, racing conditions, race course tracks are some of the main factors that count while doing spread betting on the distance margins.

The conditions are very dynamic and people watch out and calculate the distances very carefully. This is also where the bookies take advantage of the fluid situations and make their money.

The risks are there since you really do not know how much of the money are you going to lose till the time the race gets over. Therefore, only a few of the highly experienced and professional bettors take to this type of horse racing betting .


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