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Many people that know very little about the game would have you understand that you have to buy a ton of expensive products and services that you really do not need. The main problem with this is that when something that costs a lot comes around that really works you are unlikely to buy it. Why? Once you spend a ton of cash on junk then you will end up very frustrated and discouraged and maybe too broke to buy the good product.

Some of the best golf products on the market are very cheap and work extremely well but can get hidden under the expensive stuff. The reason is that most of the large businesses would rather sell you high dollar things than lower cost things because they are only looking after their sales and not your game improvement. This is a shame but it is how things go.

The best thing to do is to ask fellow golfers what they have tried and have found success with. Dust is one of those products that get rave reviews from every golfer that tries it. This product is easy to use, easy to find and very cheap to boot. All you do is take the spray can and apply a bit of dust to the club face. When you hit the ball it will leave a mark of exactly where it landed on the club. This is valuable information as that will determine where the ball flies and ultimately how you end up on the green or in the fairway. After a number of repetitions you will be able to adjust how you stand and swing and ultimately where the balls hits the face in future swings. Your golf game will lose strokes like there is no tomorrow. Work hard and spend wisely and your game will vastly improve.

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