3 Easy Changes to Shave Strokes from Your Golf Game


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Here are 3 easy golf tips that will immediately give you a better swing and improve your hitting! It did for me almost instantly once I got the feel of it.

I went from hitting maybe one fairway per round and not being able to hit my driver to hitting the vast majority of fairways off the tee while still enjoying the extra distance of using my driver. This is exciting stuff for a mid to high handicapper. . . so read on.

Golf Tip #1 - Be certain that you are taking the club back by turning your shoulders NOT picking up your hands.

By taking the club back in a “one piece" takeaway, which only means that your shoulders start the turn back and your arms, hands and thus club follow in one piece - by doing this you will automatically put the golf club on the proper swing plane. So long as you do not try to help the club do its job, you will be well down the path to a more solid swing and consistent hits with this tip alone.

Practice this in front of a mirror with or without a club, making sure that your head stays solidly in place and that your three body parts mentioned above go to at least parallel as one unit.

Golf Tip #2 - Don't overswing and swing easy. They engineer the clubs to do the hitting - getting the ball off the ground and a certain distance no matter how hard you swing. As a matter of fact, the harder you swing the less the club can do what it is supposed to do and you will sacrifice both distance and accuracy.

Just make a full shoulder turn and a good wrist cock then return the club from where it came from! When I say swing easy I do not mean decelerate on the downswing. What I do mean is find a good tempo and naturally accelerate through the ball on your downswing with a complete follow through.

Golf Tip #3 - Relax and enjoy the game. Tension in your golf swing is your biggest enemy. One of the tips that I have recently read is that once you get over your shot and are ready to swing. . . . SMILE!! Believe it or not it works. . . it is extremely hard to be tensed up and smile at the same time.

These 3 simple tips have taken 5 to 10 of those “dumb" giveaway strokes off my game and it will yours too! Just get the swing thought in your mind of takeaway with the shoulders for a full turn, easy swing back through the ball to let the club do the work and relax! You will be excited to start see those shots going longer and straighter very soon!

Happy golfing!

Kent is an avid golfer, student of the game and owner of http://www.1st-golf-equipment.com where you will find golf tips and golf fitness guidance to improve your golf game, as well as, discount golf equipment of all types.


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Golf Tips For Beginners - Easy Ways To Improve Your Game
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