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Bill Scibetta

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The golf swing is a dynamic movement that demands precise coordination of muscle contraction and relaxation, postural stability, strength, balance and body awareness. That is not to say that we cannot swing a golf club without these elements. The body does a great job in compensating for weakness and faulty movement. However, there is a downside to this compensation. The downside is inconsistency, loss of power, and muscle and joint pain. A well developed golf fitness program will help you develop the physical skills needed to consistently repeat a good golf swing, add power and distance to your shots, and help prevent, reduce and possibly even eliminate golf related pain and injury.

Since countless PGA professionals have proven the benefit of strength and conditioning, the demand for golf fitness trainers and training programs has increased tremendously. When looking for a trainer or golf fitness program beware all programs and trainers are not created equal. A sound golf fitness program should be built on the foundation of postural stability, muscle balance, and efficient movement. Many golf fitness programs put the cart before the horse by focusing on strength without addressing stability. Be very cautious of programs that advertise they will strengthen your “golf muscles. " Due to the repetition necessary to master the golf swing those targeted “golf muscles" are often already over developed and over tight in relation to the rest of the body. This common muscle imbalance causes inefficient muscle recruitment that leads to inconsistency, loss of power and increased incident of pain and injury. A qualified golf fitness professional knows that it takes practically every muscle in the body to complete a golf swing. Performing exercises that mimic the golf swing prior to establishing a strong foundation and good muscle balance will only strengthen the imbalance and lead to further inconsistency and greater chance of injury. As well as a strong foundation in exercise science a good golf fitness trainer or program should have a good understanding of biomechanics as they relate to the golf swing.

It is important to note that it may take a little time for your swing to adjust to your newly efficient body. The best way to see consistent improvement in your game as you train your body is to develop a relationship with a qualified PGA teaching Professional. Integrating the play better longer fitness program with quality instruction will allow you to get the most out of your practice and playing time. A sound golf fitness program will help prepare your body to perform at its optimal level. Increased muscular efficiency and flexibility allow you to increase power and consistency while drastically reducing chances of pain and injury. You will not only be playing better, but you will be playing better longer!

Bill Scibetta, RN, NSCA-CPT
Bill is the founder and President of Precision Fitness – Personal Training Centers in the Charlotte, NC area and co-author of the book Play Better Longer! – Peak Performance and Injury Prevention for Golf. Bill is a licensed Registered Nurse as well as a National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer. After spending years practicing in the specialty of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Bill has dedicated his career to helping individuals identify and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of optimal wellness and peak physical performance.


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