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Every golfer needs to have the right grip in their repertoire of golf tips. If you don’t have the right grip you will simply be hacking away at the ball like an amateur for the rest of your life. The best golf tip that I ever received was from a pro who taught me all abut the top hand grip. This is the golf tip that is gong to change the way that you play golf forever. Never again will you be feeling inferior to those around you on the golf course, nope, this golf tip is the one you have been searching for all of these years.

Your grip needs to be perfect if you want to be getting the most out of every swing. It is the golf grip that is going to give you that smooth shot so what you need to do, here is the golf tip, you need to start trying out different grips to see which one works for you the best. Not everyone does, or should have the same golf grip. The best golf tip you will ever hear is for you to start experimenting with different grips.

The golf grip that you finally choose from your favorite golf tip needs to be one that combines both the body and the club. These two very important things have to work together in perfect harmony if you want to gain that perfect swing and kick butt on the course. So start reading every golf tip that you come across and the next time you see that pro out somewhere ask him if he has a great golf tip for you. Use what you have and don’t be ashamed to take advantage of any golf tip someone else may have to pass along to you. This is how you will improve your game over time.

But back to the golf swing and this very important golf tip. The perfect grip will also allow you to have ultimate power and control over the ball. This means you need to be able to have a good feel with the grip that you finally settle on. And whatever you do, don’t forget about wrist hinge. This is the most important part of this golf tip so listen carefully. Wrist hinge is very important to a good golf game and to have it you want to be placing the club more in the fingers than in the palm of your hand. You will have way more feel this way and much more power. This is the best golf tip you are ever gong to hear so I hope you took notes! There is no golf tip worse than a missed golf tip!

Jason Powers, a devoted golf fan, offers more golf tips on his personal website =>


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