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The game Golf is played with many clubs of various types, functions and sizes. There are four major categories of clubs they fall into, woods, hybrids, irons, and putters. Golfers are usually allowed to carry up to fourteen clubs during a round of golf. Even though you can play a large range of shots using only one club, this is not a very successfull process. To facilitate the choice of a club for any particular situation, all irons come in sets of likened clubs graded by loft (the height), shaft length, and weight of that particullar club. Many golf clubs are created with the face having differing lofts.

A basic set of clubs mainly comprise of 3 woods, 2 wedges, a putter, and 8 irons, numbered 3-9, and a pitching wedge. Originally the wood club heads were created of maple wood, but these days club heads are mostly made of hollow titanium. The shaft of the club enters the head (of the club) at the top corner nearest the player.

In Brief, the shaft flex of the club is the amount that the shaft will bend when put under imense pressure. This had the bad effect, it easily weakening the joining between the shaft and golf club head. Hybrid golf clubs are also played with by keen golfers who have a hard time hitting the ball high in the air with low numbered irons. Pitching wedges are rather similar to other irons, Sand wedges have specially designed undersides, creating more height, that make them perfect for bunker or rough shots. Lob Wedges have a very high loft and are used for shots approaching the green of from sand traps.

Golf Clubs


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Golf Clubs For A Great Game Of Golf
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