Golf, First Hole of Emotion


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It’s a beautiful day on the first tee. The day is full of optimism and opportunity. Looking down the beautiful lush green fairway my heart beats a little faster as I think of the pleasure that waits.

Hole #1

I step up to the tee and glance left at the trees.
“Don’t go there" but golf is not fair.
I take back the club and give a mighty rip.
Left in the trees, a curse falls from my lip.

Back to the bag with head hung low.
I trudge through the trees looking to and fro.
Where is that ball that would not listen!
Suddenly out of the shade I see it glisten.

What light through yonder trees does break!
I think I see a shot that I can make.
Hope rises in me as I step up to the ball.
I swing at it hard and give it my all.

To my surprise it comes out straight.
I walk out of the woods feeling just great.
The ball’s in the fairway and the sun shines bright.
Life is good again, all sweetness and light.

It is 200 yards for me to reach the green.
But of course there lies a sand trap between.
I think not of the peril and give it a lash.
The ball lands in the sand trap with a big splash.

Crushed now I fall down onto my knees.
Begging the golf gods to have mercy please.
I pick myself up and giving my head a shake.
This game has no mercy and does not give a break.

I reach the sand trap and stare in dismay.
Why does it always happen this way?
I’ve one foot on the grass, one foot in the sand.
It is all I can do to make myself stand.

Flow through! Follow through! That’s what they say.
But I don’t follow through today’s not my day.
It hits the front lip and falls back in the trap.
My friends all laugh and begin to clap.

This is life and death! Can’t they see my despair!
I crawl back in the trap and shout “This isn’t fair!"
I stand over the ball and swing with all my might.
The ball pops out high on a beautiful flight.

It bounces once on the green and begins to roll.
I can’t believe my eyes as it curls in the hole.
I raise up my hands in sweet victory.
What’s happened before is all history!

My friends shake their heads, don’t believe my luck.
I’ve parred the first hole and they all owe a buck.
I pull the ball form the hole and give it kiss.
What a great game! Today I can’t miss.

Kevin Redmond is a senior design supervisor with a large engineering firm in Canada. When not working he tries to play golf and loves the game. He also runs a consumers Website called which has lots of great deals from golf to music to art and more. Check it out.


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