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Spring is just around the corner – for those who didn’t winter in Florida. That means that golf is on your mind and getting ready for the season is on your list and on your mind. Let’s talk about getting ready after a few months of non-golf.

First, DO NOT go to the nearest range and hit the largest bucket of balls in captivity. That would be a no-no.

If you have been following the Concept Golf routine and practice swinging in your living room or your front yard every day you are close to being ready right now. The only thing I would suggest is that you start walking each day. No need to walk fast or far. In the beginning, just walk a bit and then walk back to your starting point. You can increase it every day if you choose – or not. But walk some every day.

Even if you always ride a cart start walking every day. Golf is a leg game and a leg swing. So get them used to being the ones that cause the things to happen.

This year let’s start with some goals. Remember, your goals should be quantitative and time specific. “I want to improve my swing. ” or “I want to hit better shots, ” or “I want to hit it longer, “ or “I want to be more consistent, ” are not goals that let you know when you have arrived – and any time works.

How about these goals for instance; “I want to lower my handicap from 18 to 12 by September 15, 2005. ” “I want to add 15 yards to my drives by July 10, 2005. ” “I want to compete in four golf tournaments by August 1, 2005. ” “I want to win the Club Championship in 2005. ” “I want to win the U. S. Open in 2005. ”

With a goal that is quantifiable in number and time you can now set the steps that will get you to your goal and by when. As an aside, hitting thousands of golf balls at the range will do little to lower your score or lengthen your drives. The range is a place for leaning the shots you will need on the course. It’s not a place to perfect your swing or lower your score through quantity.

Play golf every day. Not 36 holes, but a few. Soon daylight savings time will be with us again. There is time for nine on the way home. If you are a member of a club, you may be able to play a few holes. Golf takes place on the course, so set your self up for success.

A couple other things to add to your list this year. ; Play golf with your family. I’ve played golf with Jack Nicklaus and I’ve played golf with our youngest daughter. I like Jack and enjoyed the game but I love my daughter and the time with her is special, really special. A friend who lives in California has four children. Saturdays and Sundays they have two family threesomes. That is special time.

One other thing I want you to consider this year – use golf to build your business. I talk to so many people who are in a business that could prosper from playing golf. They tend to see golf as a time expense rather than a clever way to multitask and build their business. Golf is the perfect business tool. The setting is pure relaxation and you get to sit right next to the person you want to get to know and that you want to get to know you. You can get five hours with that person on the course that you couldn’t possibly get (and wouldn’t want) in an office setting.

We do business with people we like and trust. What better opportunity is there to get to know someone than on the golf course?

Some I have talked with resist the business-golf idea because their golf score looks like a zip code. It’s not necessary that you shoot par to play business-golf, but the 15th whiff on the first tee is going to create a few raised eyebrows.

The Master is on the week of April 9th (Saturday). I know because our Andrea is being married on the very Saturday. I don’t think she looked at the schedule of the Majors before setting her wedding date. I did but my vote is a small one in these matters.

Get ready for the season and let it be a good one. A little swinging, some walking, a lot of playing, quantifiable goals and fun with your family and your business will make golf fun and enjoyable this year. It’s going to be a good year and golf will help.

John Toepel is a Veteran PGA Tour Player, instructor, author, and professional speaker. He is also the discoverer of Concept Golf, the quickest way to immediate, life-long lasting improvements to anyone's golf game. To learn more about Concept Golf, including the most comprehensive golf instruction system ever, “The Concept Golf Perfect Shot Making System", please visit and Discover the Par Golfer in You!


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Goals: The Role They Play In Helping You Start and Run a Successful Business
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