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Golf Swing Analysis Tools and Software-How Useful Are They for Your Golf Game?

Gorry Terry

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The media is full of golf swing analysis of the top players with video and high speed photography being used to explain what is a good golf swing. But is it all just a load of hot air? Read on. .

So many golfers, so many golf swings. Is golf swing analysis really of any benefit to you?
This question is one that I pose because of these immutable facts.
1) The average top professional is a highly tuned professional athlete who spends his days going between the gym and the range and the putting green.
2) The average amateur golfer is a middle aged, perhaps slightly overweight, man or woman.
What can these amateurs learn from the first bunch? Many would argue. . not a lot.

This leads to the question of how beneficial and useful is the golf swing analysis of a highly charged athlete to your average amateur. If you accept that there is an enormous gulf between these two groups and bear in mind that the professional has spent most of his childhood and early adult life hitting golf balls and many amateurs come to the game later in life after a successful career and consider also that most amateurs will only get to play once a week. . then you will have to question just how useful is this swing analysis to most amateurs.

If you then consider that even among the professional ranks that there is an enormous difference between the top players and how each one swings the club then you might wonder exactly how useful if this analysis of golf swings.

Consider too the enormous difference between the golf swings that various teaching pros teach and you will recognize that golf can be a very challenging game.

The best approach, notwithstanding the massive increase in golf swing analysis, software and other teaching tools, is to marry this technology with sound fundamentals which have been proven to work from generation to generation in golf swing teaching.

These fundamentals, grip, posture, alignment, stance and rythm will serve you well still combined with practice and the astute use of modern golf swing analysis tools and software.

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