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Golf Swing Tempo-Critical To Curing Your Golf Slice

Gorry Terry

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Golf swing tempo is a critical part of your swing.

And the reason for this is that if you are too quick or rushed from the top of the backswing then you are increasing the chances greatly of swinging your club from out to in through impact.

And this will definitely mean a big old banana ball.

The tempo that you swing a golf club at will depend greatly on your make up and temperament. Many people have slow metabolisms and tempo in their daily lives. . and this assists them significantly when it comes to swinging a golf club.

But the vast majority of golfers swing too quickly.

And this, allied with a less than perfect swing, will lead to all sorts of problems. With good tempo you might get away with an average swing. .because the extra control and time that you have will allow you make some compensatory moves.

But a bad tempo, generally one that is too quick, combined with an imperfect swing will lead to disaster.

Most amateur golfers need to work on their golf swing tempo. . and most golfers need to slow it down.

This can be difficult, especially when you are under pressure or coming towards the end of a round or hitting a really important shot in the course of a round.

But all is not lost and you can train good tempo if you don't have it naturally. One of the ways is to practice without a golf ball and count to yourself or out loud as you do so.

Taking away the ball removes the urge to ‘kill’ in your downswing and will help you develop good golf swing tempo.

One of the best tricks is to count ‘1’ as you start your backswing, '2’ when you get to the top of your backswing and ‘3’ as you swoosh through the ball.

Changing your tempo can be difficult but this will depend on your natural rythm and personality. Nevertheless you can change it by working on exercises such as the one outlined above to slow down your current quick fire swing.

It will take some work and discipline on your behalf but the benefits of having a slow, smooth tempo, particularly at critical points in your round, wil make this work time well spent.

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