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5 Golf Swing Techniques To Help You Cure Your Slice

Gorry Terry

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The 5 tips I set out in this article will cure your slice. . and add distance to every club in your bag.
If they don’t then golf is not the game for you. .

Before you get into golf swing techniques in any meaningful way you will need to learn how to cure a slice in golf. Because your slice will cost you miles in distance in the course of a year’s golf.

Here are 5 tips to help you get rid of your slice. .
Tip1-Strengthen Your Grip
This is the simplest way to get rid of your slice and it simply involves turning both hands more to the right (if you are right handed) on the grip of the club so that the vees formed by your thumb and forefinger are pointing to or outside your right shoulder.

Tip 2-Sort our your set up
Make sure that your shoulders are not open at set up. Ensure that they are square or even slightly close initially until you lose your slice because open shoulders will cause a downswing that causes you to cut across the ball at impact which will have you slicing all day.

Tip 3-Tilt Your Spine Angle to the right at set up.
This will promote an approach to the ball from the inside, not the outside which will encourage a draw shot.

Tip 4-Favour your right side in terms of weight distribution at set up
This will ensure that you are not hanging on your left side in the takeaway which encourages a reverse pivot and a steep approach to the ball through impact.

Tip 5-Release your forearms through impact
This involves a good free release through impact with the right forearm crossing over the left through impact and on into the follow through.

So before you get too bogged down in golf swing techniques, learn how to cure a slice in golf and these tips will have you hitting raking draws in no time. Because until you lose that slice you will never reach the potential that you can as a golfer. . and the positive impact on your game by hitting every club in your bag longer will have a huge impact on your scores and on your enjoyment of the game.

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