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How to Fix Your Golf Swing Slice-And Why You Must in 2011

Gorry Terry

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The golf swing slice is damaging to your game and your prospects of scoring well because as you know it costs you huge amounts of distance in every round you play.

Some amateurs delude themselves and consider that they play with a fade. . but most of the time it is a plain old fashioned slice.

Many professional golfers play with a fade. . but what many amateurs fail to realise is that a real power fade is a shot that for most of it's flight is straight and at the end, and only then, of it's flight does the ball fall gently to the right.

So the first thing to do if you are losing a lot of distance in your golf game and your ball always curves to the right in flight, quite dramatically in adverse weather conditions, is to recognise that you have a golf slice. . and not a power fade which some professionals play with.

How to fix a slice and improve your golf game comes down to developing a draw shot which will immediately see you adding 10-20% increased distance to your long shots, and in some instances, if your slice is really bad the improvement in ball striking and distance will be even more marked.

To fix your slice you will need to recognise which of the fundamentals such as grip, alignment, posture or stance is causing your slice.

You will also need to look at your swing path and commit to some basic and simple drills which will improve your fundamentals and allow you to firstly identify and secondly fix your slice.

If you slice you are at the top of your game. . it is very difficult for you to improve but to help you fix your slice you need to address your fundamentals and the first one to fix is your grip.

Your grip, if it is poor, can have such a destructive impact on your swing because if it is poor you will pick up the golf club in your back swing rather than take it back in a smooth arc with your shoulders.

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5 Steps To Fixing A Golf Slice-Fix Your Slice In Weeks
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