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Golf Slice Fix-The Best Approach to Fixing Your Golf Slice

Gorry Terry

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The golf slice is a massive impediment to any golfer who wishes to be the best player that they can be. Because in every round with every club you are losing massive amounts of distance and you are only scratching the surface of how good you can be.

To put the problem in context, lets say that you are capable of hitting a 5 wood 200 yards if you hit a straight shot. If you slice with the same club, all things being equal, your ball will only travel around 180 yards.

But if you draw the ball, and all other conditions are equal, the ball will travel around 220 yards because of the topspin that you will impart on the ball which will result in serious yardage when your ball hits the ground.

So you can see from this example that if you can turn a slice into a draw, you will gain 40 yards with your 5 wood.

And this effect will translate into every club you hit in your bag. Could you play golf with those extra yards?

You bet you could.

To cure a slice you will need to first ascertain precisely what is causing your slice. . is it an open clubface through impact? Is it a cutting across action as a result of an out to in swing? Is it because your backswing is too steep?

Or is it a combination of these things?

To cure a slice you will need to study some decent teaching sources either in books or DVDs. You could visit your local golf professional but the danger here is a placebo effect which has you back in your old groove after leaving your pro. . without any real reference for you to ‘self correct’ with a thorough understanding of what your major fault is which causes you to slice.

But regardless of how you approach the task it is essential to do so as you can not play at the top of your ability if you find yourself carving the ball around the course from left to right-you will be giving away too much yardage to your competitors. .

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How to Fix a Golf Slice Problem
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