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How To Cure A Golf Slice-3 Golf Slice Cures To Outdrive Your Friends

Gorry Terry

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These 3 golf slice cures will explain how to fix a golf slice and take your game to antother level.

Tip 1- Don't cast or come over the top in the downswing.
You need to swing from inside to out, not out to in. To do this you need to be patient in the downswing and think of 1 word. . "Wait". Wait to let the club come down in front of you and then, and only then, turn. Think of down before the around and you will hit raking draws in no time.

But if you do the ‘around’ before the ‘down’ ie spin the shoulders open too early you will hit pop up slices all day because the path and plane of your swing is all wrong. The casting or over the top move at the start of the downswing is a major distance sapper because it sets up an out to in cutting across the ball action which will leave you slicing your way around the course all day long.

Tip 2- Start your downswing from the ground up.
This ties in with Tip 1 and means that your weight should shift back in to your left heel early in the downswing, setting up a nice in to out draw inducing draw. To do this you can replant your left heel to initiate your downswing, if you raised your left heel in the backswing.

If you did not raise it in the backswing, you still need to ensure that you get your weight back into your left heel in the throughswing by a smooth transition of your weight back towards the target to initiate your downswing.

Tip 3- Have good rhythm
Don't lunge at the ball from the top of the backswing. This tip ties into the previous 2 and if this means that you slow your swing right down to get this right, then do that at the range and work on it until you build your confidence and know that when the adrenaline is pumping you will have trained your muscles through muscle memory to swing on the correct path. Your distance sapping slice will never allow you be the player you know you can be.

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How to Cure Your Slice - Find the Golf Tips That Work
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