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Correcting Your Golf Slice-Why Fixing Your Slice Is Essential

Gorry Terry

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Getting rid of your distance sapping slice is crucial to your development as a golfer. .

Correcting a golf slice is absolutely essential if you wish to realise your potential as a golfer. Because the slice is one of the most damaging shots in golf. . . simply because it costs you so much distance in every round you play. . and it affects every club in your bag.

The extra distance that you can acquire as a result of correcting a slice is going to benefit you hugely. The long par 4s that you have always struggled with because you are swinging out of your heels with a 5 wood just to reach the green will become reachable with a mid to shore iron.

And you will be able to reach par 5s in 2. . setting up great birdie opportunities in every round you play. Because in every round you play you will come across at least 2 reachable in 2 par 5s and a couple of birdies every round will definitely do wonders for your confidence. . and your scores.

The wind is another factor to consider if you slice. You will know that one of your most detested shots in golf if you have a golf slice is straight into a headwind. Because the slice spin that you impart to the ball will be exaggerated greatly when hitting into the wind.

End result? Your ball will go nowhere. And if the wind is from left to right you know that playing with a slice is impossible. .because you just can't start the ball far enough left to allow you hit a fairway.

So to be the best player you can be correcting a golf slice must be at the top of your ‘must do’ list. This is the bane of most amateur golfers worldwide and the reason that depite the growth of golf's popularity worldwide, particularly in Japan and Korea, the average handicap of the amateur golfer is 18.

Only when you are hitting a nice draw shot with consistency will you achieve your potential as a golfer; but once you do this you will see your scores and handicap come tumbling down.

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How to Fix a Golf Slice Problem
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