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5 Steps To Fixing A Golf Slice-Fix Your Slice In Weeks

Gorry Terry

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The golf slice is the bane of the golfer world wide and will inhibit you and prevent you from becoming the best golfer you can be. To truly improve your golf game you do really need to lose your slice and develop a draw. .

In this piece I am going to give you 5 tips on how to correct a golf slice. The slice in golf affects a huge amount of amateur players and costs them yards and yards in distance with knock on consequences through the rest of their game.

Fixing a golf slice is an important task for any golfer who wants to improve his/her golf game. .

Tip 1 - Get a good, solid grip

Most amateurs though will benefit from strengthening their grip. This means turning both hands slightly to the right, towards the right shoulder.

Tip 2 - Set up properly

You need to set up square to the ball or even in cases where your slice is really bad you may need to set up slightly closed. This means that you draw your right side back and so that a line across your toe line would point right of the target.

Tip 3 - Swing from the inside to the outside, not the other way around

Setting up slightly closed as set out in tip 2 will assist you in this.

Tip 4 - Improve your rhythm and timing

Don't lunge at the ball from the top of the backswing and cast your shoulders. . wait, bide your time, be patient and sneak up on the ball from the inside.

Tip 5 - Release the club freely through impact

This ties in with tip 1 because without a good grip, one that is suitable for you, your ability and strength, you won't be able to release the club properly with abandon and confidence.

And if you are slicing the ball you will be even more inhibited in the release area. .because you know that the harder you release the bigger your slice will be. So you need to fix your golf slice to become the player that you want to be and if you would like to learn how to hit the ball prodigious distances then I suggest you work on these 5 tips.
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Golf Swing Tempo-Critical To Curing Your Golf Slice
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