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Ways to Correct a Golf Slice


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It is not uncommon among golfers to find ways to correct a golf slice. A golf slice is one of the biggest problems an average golf player usually encounters in the game. There are a number of players who aim their drives towards the farthest left of the fairway just to end up making for it when it goes a little more over the right. You tend to cut a lot of strokes from your scorecard just by doing this simple type of correction.

Several golf players actually spend a lot of their time getting frustrated with their games only because they have not really taken enough time to find out why they do slices with the golf ball, and much more on how to solve this certain problem. In the succeeding paragraphs are a few tips that can assist those who wish to correct their golf slice dilemma.

Having the proper stance is one way to address this problem. The correct kind of stance ought to place both your feet in a way that they are set apart within a distance as wide as the breadth of your shoulders. Check that the shoulders are in line with your target. To know if you are correctly aligned towards the target, simply place your golf club on the ground next to your toes and make sure that it is aimed right at it. The right foot must face straight and the left foot must point a little bit towards the left.

The elbows should be relaxed and comfortable. Always remember that even the slightest adjustments in form make a lot of difference in the direction of the golf ball. Get plenty of practice with proper stance by spending time in the range. You will be surprised with the results you will get with this.

Make the proper grip. To do this, you will need to put the left hand down the shaft lined up so that it points to the right eye. Then put the right hand on top of the left and make the right palm sit on top of the left thumb. Do not grip your golf club too tightly with the right hand, for this will make you hook the ball. Do not grip your golf club weakly either since this keeps an open clubface resulting in a slice.

Correct your swings. A backswing should start with the hands, then arms, followed by the shoulders all in one clean sweep. A downswing begins with the turn of the hips, eyes on the ball and head behind as you get in the follow through. By doing these simple adjustments with religious practice, you can now correct a golf slice.

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