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How to Create Lag in a Golf Swing


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Golf pros hit the ball farther because they create lag in a golf swing. Are they really that good to make it fly that straight? Yes, and that is because of constant practice. Aside from the gold clubs that they use, which give better output per force, they also use a technique called lagging. This is done by pulling the golf club along with your body; usually, we tend to use our arms for the swing. It is kind of hard to imagine until you really get to try it out.

Here is another example, try holding a pail of water and swinging it. If you let your body move along with your swing then there is no counterforce. This will allow you to hurl the pail without spilling the water along the process. Try this by just using your arms and hands and pushing it away by force. Not only will it cause more stress to your muscles, it will definitely spill some water.

Here is how to practice that swing. Create a target in mind where you would like to aim the ball for your swing. Then while holding your golf club in your right hand, grip the handle with your last three fingers only. Your index finger and your thumb are pointing away from your grip, making it look like you are making a gun with your hands. This may seem like a weird way to hold a club while swinging it, but this is just until you get the feel of the swing.

The reason behind this is that we use our index finger and thumb in most activities we do with our hands. By disabling them, it teaches the other fingers to take over the weight and handle it themselves. Think of this concept being applied on the club with your fingers in place; the weight of the club will actually bring itself down if there is less to support it. Now, the important thing here is to constantly drill yourself of this action. If you focus too much on the ball and not on your swing, you will not get this technique right. You have to take much time in letting your hands and fingers learn how to move for you to be able to master this.

If this move is executed correctly, you will feel more weight on the index finger, and there will be a feeling of lag once you start to swing. It will feel like the club is pulling away from you while you are swinging it.

Try having some of your friends on your next golf trip and discuss how to create lag in a golf swing with them.

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