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How to Fix a Golf Slice Problem


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One should know how to fix a golf slice problem because it is the most common problem golfers are facing. Research reveals that almost 90 per cent of golfers will experience dilemmas caused by a golf slice. The problem is that golfers have no idea what causes the golf slice. Others become frustrated because despite all the training and drills, they still continue to make a golf slice strike.

Golf slice is the result when the clubface will make a side-spinning rotation on the ball itself. Others would even conclude that such strike is just a problem with reflexes. However, studies show that it has something to do with the body and mind. There should be some sort of coordination between mind and body to produce a good strike. But due to some bodily restrictions, the body could not make a good output as expected.

Researchers identify that the problem of having a golf slice is actually the cause of the following factors:

- Arm stroke is inappropriate;
- Stiffness of the hand grip;
- Improper body stance,
- Bad weight shifts.

Amateur golfers tend to forget that their body should always sway together with the golf club right after the golf ball is hit because if the shoulders make an incorrect turn, golf slicing will happen. The same thing happens if the golfer holds on to the club so tight. If you cannot meet the good physical conditions required to play golf, then you would end up very frustrated because you may make errors on your strikes that would cause golf slices.

If you know the reasons why you are making such errors, then find ways to fix them as early as now. The following are the factors that you should consider to make a good shot:

Practice your good golf posture. Maybe you are wondering why almost all golfers spend a lot of time just to develop the correct posture before making a strike. It is because posture is very important in making that good shot. Having a good golf posture will make the shoulders create a perfect turn upon hitting the ball.

Make an average grip while holding the club. Gripping your club too tightly and using your right hand will make the ball sway to the left. However, having a grip too loose will also lead you to a more serious and embarrassing problem.

But as an amateur, never take those mistakes against yourself because professional golfers experienced the same problems while they were in their amateur years. The good thing about them is that they studied and improved their skills so fast. So as early as now, you must learn how to fix a golf slice problem to excel.

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