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Just How Can I Fix My Slice?


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What can I do to fix my slice? Sometimes called the banana ball, the slice is a type of shot in which the ball curves, starting from the left of the target then bending back to the right of the target. Thus, its trajectory makes a shape of a banana. But despite the intricacy of the shot, it is rarely done intentionally, and the most common shot amateur golfers are guilty of. So, how do we cure your slice? Here are a few tips to help you hit a straight shot.


Having the correct grip increases your chances of straight and solid shots. Make sure that the “V" formed by the knuckles and thumbs on both hands should point up to your right shoulder instead of it pointing to your left shoulder or your chin. The grip has much to do with the how the clubface impacts the curve of the ball. So, point the “V" to the right direction and the ball curves less to the right.


Want yourself ready for some consistent ball striking? Proper posture will help you get there. But how do you know that you have the correct stance that would keep you from slicing again? There is a simple test that would do the job. Rest a club on the ground pointing to your target.

Now, what you want to avoid is an open stance - when the toe of you right shoe is closer than the toe of your left shoe (it is the opposite if you are left handed) - since an open stance makes you slice more. What you want is a closed stance, where the left toe of your shoe sits closer to the club than the right.


The position of the ball is one great factor that affects the ball's trajectory and flight; its position in relation to your stance.

The ball should not be too far back if you do not want to miss the chance of hitting it square-face at downswing. It should not be placed at the middle of the stance either. To avoid making the big left-to-right motion, the ball should just be at the lead foot (right foot for the left-handed golfers and left for the right-handed).

Shine up your golf clubs and put your golf shoes on because now, you will no longer be screaming, “Help me fix my slice!"

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How to Correct a Slice
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