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Flying Right Elbow


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This is a very common problem among golfers and leads to timing problems on the down swing. If your swing ever feels jammed or bunched up coming in to the ball, chances are your right arm traveled too far behind you on your back swing. A great way to keep your right arm in check is to focus on keeping your elbows held close together throughout your swing.


A great drill for learning this feeling is to simply squeeze a Nerf ball between your elbows and hold it there for a few moments. You may also substitute a towel or a head cover instead.

You will find new muscles working while you are holding it in place. Next, make a few 1/2 swings while keeping the Nerf ball in place. Once you have learned to keep it there during your practice swing, head to the practice tee and hit a few balls off a tee with your seven iron. As you perform this drill, you will be forming a new habit that will keep your arms working in time with your body. One word of caution, though. Make only half swings with the Nerf ball in place. For full swings, remove the Nerf ball and try to produce the same sensations you had with the drill.

The right hand and arm never acts independently in the swing. Its proper role is one of co-ordination with the left hand and arm. The hands should work together as a unit. . . . . . with the left hand in control.

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