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Playing Golf in Windy Conditions


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The golfer who learns to use the wind will be a winner. The basic principal to remember is that the wind moves the ball, therefore, don't fight it, adjust to it. In a crosswind, allow the distance you expect the wind to move the ball and hit a normal shot, aiming left or right to compensate for the wind draft. In hitting downwind, get the ball up and use the wind for extra distance, being careful to allow for extra roll as well as extra flight.

In hitting upwind, add a club or two and try to keep the ball low. This may be done by closing the club face or positioning the ball close to the back foot in the address. Regardless of the wind problem, the best results will take place when one adjusts, plays as normal a shot as possible, and does not try to fight the wind.

If you are near enough to the green, you may want to play the ball low and run to the green or pin. This will eliminate the effects of the wind and enables better control of the shot.

Checkpoints For Playing In The Wind:

1. Adjust club selection for wind effect:

a. more club and keep the ball low in the wind

b. less club and higher flight to use downwind.

2. Adjust initial line of flight in crosswind, the higher flight and longer time ball is in the air will increase winds effect.

3. Swing normally - do not fight the wind.

4. Wait momentarily to avoid sudden gusts.

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