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Develop a Sound Golf Swing to Make the Game Less Frustrating


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Golf is a wonderful game, played by many throughout the world I think the attraction of the game for me is that you can build the best golf swing ever, but you can never beat the game.

You will have your good days and certainly you will have your bad days but it is the constant challenge that golf puts up to me that keeps me coming back. Time and time again friends have thrown their clubs in the back of the car vowing never to return until they sort their golf swing out.

But they are usually the first ones on the tee next week, golf provides a constant challenge of weather, course conditions and nerve that keeps enthusiasts like me coming back for more.

How To Develop A Sound Golf Swing

The problem with starting out golf is that there is so much to think of and to buy. First there are the clubs themselves, then a bag to carry them around in. You then need something to hit and quite often lose, the golf balls, then of course you need to be prepared for the weather so you need shirts, jumpers and of course a wet suit just in case it rains.

Once you have all that then you may start to think about having some golfing lessons to learn about the golf swing itself.

A good idea to start out with is a course of lessons with the club pro. This will give you a sound grasp of the fundamentals but only of you practice to work into your game the methods and tricks your pro is teaching you. By the way try to book a course of lessons that includes the pro taking you out on the course, at least once.

Driving ranges and practice areas are essential parts of any golf club but there is never any substitute for experience on the course. When starting out, course management is probably very far from your mind but a little bit of knowledge in this area is worth many shots. Your pro will probably get you to play shots from various parts of the course and explain the pros and cons of what club and type of shot to play, very valuable information.

Once your course of lessons is over however it is over to you to keep up the development work on your golf swing.

Most people do not want to keep affording golf lessons but fortunately there are cheaper alternatives to use in the form of books and videos. You can always go back to the pro at a later date to iron out specific problems under an experienced eye.

A golf swing book is great because being lightweight you can take it to the driving range and practice that particular swing point the author is explaining to you first hand. Videos are great mediums for putting words into actions and frankly we golfers are spoilt for choice in this area but choice is always a good thing.

Hopefully this article has given you an idea of how to move your game on and make your introduction to golf a less frustrating and more enthralling experience.

Chuck Summers has been playing golf since school and has heard many golf swing tips both from family and friends.

Visit his site for more tips on golf swing technique to save yourself a few strokes next time you play.


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How to Shorten Your Golf Swing and Improve Your Golf Game
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