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Why You Miss Short Putts Under Pressure

Darell Mckissick

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Putting is really not that hard. Especially when you get close to the hole. But for many golfers, the closer they get to the hole the harder it is for them to make the putt. And if the putt has meaning, the added pressure only compounds the problem.

It is important to understand why this happens if you ever hope to beat it. Many golfers write it off as the yips and sadly accept that they just can't putt. But really, take the hole away and they could roll the ball over a 4 ΒΌ inch circle most of the time.

Obviously, something is going on with short putts. Especially when there is an added pressure on the golfer to make it. But is it just a mental thing, or is it physical. Or maybe a combination.

The bottom line is that everybody has what is I call the impact reflex. Put simply, this is just a term that describes your bodies natural instinct to avoid the sight of impacting objects. It happens everywhere and with everything, but nowhere is it more painful than on a short putt.

At any time when the adrenalin flows, such as a pressure situation on the golf course, all reflexes are magnified. Including the impact reflex that causes so many missed putts. Just being aware of it has helped a lot of golfers, but for others it only serves to magnify an already existing problem.

Next time you have a short, pressure packed putt, remember the impact reflex and adjust your thinking accordingly. The putt you make might be for the best round you ever shot.

Let me show you how to eliminate the impact reflex, totally and forever.


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