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4 Tips to Hit Longer Drives and Improve Your Golf Game


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Anyone who plays golf understands that being able to hit longer drives can benefit you immensely when attempting to improve your game. Distance can be a reason that you can lose a game or not. After all if you are far away from a hole you do not have to worry about whether or not you will be able to have enough strength to reach the hole. This article is written to provide you with 4 tips to hit longer drives and improve your golf game. After all everyone wants to learn how to improve their overall game.

1. Visualize where you want the ball to go: Yes this does work; so don't laugh. Some of the most popular golf players do not even pick up a club until they can see the ball going where they want it to go. Begin visualizing where you would like the ball to land; and I am almost positive that you will begin noticing the ball going there.

2. Strength training: No you do not want to have muscles like you are going to compete in a muscular competition. However if you can add some muscle mass to your arms; you will have the strength to hit the ball harder and further. You will also want to strengthen the other parts of your body as well; just by adding some muscle to your body you will notice an increase in your overall game score and you could see an increase in yardage by 15-25 yards. So get off your butt and get to the gym to start your strength training routine.

3. Be light on your feet: Learn how to move your weight through the golf ball. You want to practice reverse weight shift. You want to begin learning how to shift your weight from the back to the front rather than from the front to the back. If you learn how to do this; you will notice you will be able to
hit longer drives and improve your golf game.

4. Increase your endurance: People do not realize that golf is a physical game and that many people do not have the endurance to play a full game without struggling. You may start the game off strong and find your drives going long and far; however as you continue through the game you become more and more fatigued. If you learn how to increase your endurance you will notice your overall game improving.

People want to learn how to improve their games; and there is nothing wrong with getting tips and advice from different instructors. You can even have an instructor watch you as you hit one of the balls.

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