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If You Really Want to Get Rid of That Slice Do This Drill and it Will Be Gone Forever


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The Slice. . .

The dreaded how far to the right will it go fear. Or how far to the left can you hit it and still have it stay in the fairway to your right.

There is no talking to a slice. It has a mind of its own. And it will make you crazy if you don't get rid of it. We all have lived the life of a slicer. In the beginning it was fun to just get the ball in the air. Then we had higher expectations.

We would like to be able to hit it again.

And so we took Golf Instruction. A golf lesson a week. Just to get rid of the slice. But, as we all know, nothing worked. The more we tried the worse it got.

So what do you say that we attack this issue here and now? Why don't we just, once and for all, understand why we do it and then understand what it takes to fix it.

So let's just do it.

The slice is a result of an open clubface swiping the ball from an outside the target line to inside the target line. The same exact swing can and often does create another result that is totally different than the slice.

The slice goes from the left to the right. The other goes directly left. Both have the exact same root cause.

Outside the target line to inside the target line. Or what is commonly called “over the top" It is not caused by a weak grip. I can hit a big hook with a very weak grip. But not if I make an " over the top" downswing.

So the cause of a slice is a very poor swing path. Which can be caused by a poor swing plane. Or a reverse weight shift, or no weight shift. However, that said, one causes the other in each of these cause and affect cases.

What the heck does that mean?

Well, if I have a good swing plane, it will reduce the chances of hitting over the top or outside in. If I have a really good swing path there is no way I can hit from the top.

So you see, fix one and you fix the other.

So let's just fix the swing path, which will automatically fix the swing plane and that will cure the slice. As a matter of fact, it will create a slight right to left movement of the ball. More solid contact, and you will hit the ball straighter and longer.

Good Idea?

Ok. . . here we go, first let's at least have a grip that is neutral. Both hands are facing each other, and they are more to the right of the club than they are to the left of the club.

Our stance is neutral and very square to the target line. Except I want the right foot to be back a bit, like 6 inches, and your shoulders will be lined up with you feet.

Just for this drill. . . which is the only thing you will need to do to get rid of the slice.

Now take a 9 iron, tee the ball up so it is just off the ground. Put the ball dead center in your stance. I call this drill the up back and out drill.

"Up, back and out"

I want you to actually say these words as you do this drill.

Now, pick the club up so that it is going up exactly 45 degrees to the target line, then with no further hand movement, turn your shoulders fully.

That's the up part.

The “back" is a bending of the right wrist straight back toward your right forearm. It is the famous “strayed position" This is the “back" part. Caution. . . this is in no way a full swing, the up part is not a huge move, its just “up"

The “back" part is hardly any move at all. Just a bending of the right wrist “back". . . nothing big.

If you have done the up and back parts you will note that you have “looped" the club kinda like Jim Furyk does. Except this is not a full swing.

It is a very small move. It is a move, however, so don't get stuck like a statue. Move. Up and back.

Now the “out" part.

Now push the clubhead out toward the inside of the ball out past the target line. Again, this is a drill and it is no way a big move . It is a full shoulder turn but the hands and clubhead have really not done much at all.

You have created a loop. Where you have taken the club up at 45 degrees to the target line. Then you have bent you right wrist “back, " turned your shoulders fully, and then you have pushed the clubhead “out" toward the ball and past the target line.

Note. . . not one word has been spoken about weight shift.

Another note of caution, try to keep your shoulders from spinning out. You will know it if you do it because you will not be able to make solid contact with the ball. This drill requires a rather passive body.

Up, Back and out. . . the magic that will make the slice go away.

If you do this correctly you will be able to actually hit the ball quite well and you will get a right to left spin.

Slice gone.

If you want to know if there are any real magic moves in the golf swing the answer is yes, there are four. You can learn the first one here for free and take it to the range for a spin, click here:


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Is Your Golf Slice Getting the Best of You - How to Eliminate Your Golf Slice
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