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Golf Swing Techniques Are Golf Swing Tips Baloney Or Can They Really Improve Your Golf Swing?


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Mastering the correct golf swing techniques is crucial to winning games on a regular basis. There are many golf swing tips claiming to teach you how to drive the ball farther. An important point to note is that many of these tips do not work in isolation. In fact some of these tips actually contradict one another!

So does this mean that all golf driving tips are just so much hot air? Of course not. You just need to know that different tips work together to form the correct golf swing technique. And there are many techniques out there. A tip which works well for one technique might just turn another driving technique into a mess. You cannot just blindly copy-cat a particular golf swing tip into your technique and expect it to work.

While there are many different golf swing techniques, all the successful techniques can be grouped into either the “one plane swing" school or the “two plane swing" school. Overall, the “two plane swing" school of driving the golf ball is more common. Its most famous exponent is probably Greg Norman.

On the other hand, you can see the “one plane swing" school in action in the drives of two of the best modern golfers in the world - Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. Yes, indeed - the respective number one and number two golf professionals in the world today are steadily racking up their victories.

Regardless of your technique, there are two major indicators which show whether or not you have correctly mastered your golf swing: rhythm and balance. How do you know when your rhythm is correct? Well, that is like asking a musician whether or not his rhythm is correct. You need to do it. If you have to ask, then you probably do not have it yet. Having said that, once you have mastered the rhythm, you will be able to repeat the same movement consistently at the same speed all the time.

What about balance, then? For inexperienced players, you achieve the best balance by evenly distributing your weight about both feet. Unlike martial arts, you should not try to gain more power in your swing by shifting your balance around. It is far better to maintain a stable stance around which you build your swing.

A common mistake which many golfers make in their golf is to try and increase the power of their swing. It is true that you need a powerful swing to hit the ball farther, but it is even more important to first develop your accuracy. After you can get the ball going where you want, then you can improve your power. Be patient. This is the sequence of events when you do it right: increase accuracy; accuracy increased; increase power; power increased but accuracy decreased; increase accuracy at the new power level; accuracy increased at the new power level; rinse and repeat. Any other way is an exercise in frustration and hair-pulling failure.

Remember to keep up your strength training and flexibility exercises. If you achieve greater strength and a wider range of movement, it will result in your swing becoming more powerful on its own. In other words, by doing golf fitness training, you can improve your golf swing without changing your golf swing techniques. Definitely a good motivation to go to the gym regularly, yes?

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