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Do You Believe That Golf Instruction Can Make You a Better Player? Yes and Heres How!


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Over the past two years or so, I have spent tons of time and effort trying to learn how to show golfers, through the power of the pen, how to get in touch with their golf swings. How golf instruction should lead them to a conclusion that you can develop a useful, repeatable, and affective golf swing using the golf tips and online golf instruction, here on the EzineArticles site and in other areas of the internet.

It's a great resource. Golf instruction is not an easy task. It is especially not easy while using just words. Not one word of golf instruction should be left up to the imagination. So that makes it tough to get across intricate points of golf instruction.

The grip, for example. It is one of the easiest aspects of the golf swing to get exactly right. There is absolutely not a single motion associated with getting a good grip. But, yet it is very difficult to describe the correct grip using just words. I see so many bad grips out on the range and on the courses, its incredible. And, yet, these people have an expectation of playing decent golf with these poor grips.

Not happening.

And that is where the challenge comes in.

I have been lucky so far.

I get emails from around the world from golfers who have got some real use out of some of the golf swing instruction that I have been able to provide.

Keep them coming folks.

It is through much of this response that I get ideas as to what parts of the golf swing are the most bothersome, I learn from you all, what it is that is most often spoken about in the golf instruction that actually helps you with your golf swings.

The one thing that people keep telling me is that my articles that deal with angles are the most instructive. They have apparently made a difference in lot's of golf swing out there. To me, that is great news. It means that some of this stuff is actually getting applied. It's so different not ever seeing a result, like I would on a driving range. Golf instruction is best suited for a visual feedback and not a verbal one. Overcoming that objective has been the challenge.

So. . . let me take a minute to talk about the angles that you must have to create power and accuracy in your golf swing. And we'll add a little drill to help cement the concept for you.

First a thought for you to always remember. Angles are power. . . power is distance. . . no angles . . no power. . . no power no distance. And in golf instruction, angles are created, they don't happen automatically. So while while it might be nice to have a golf tip that included a statement that you must have certain angles to create power, you must know HOW TO CREATE THEM. And even more important is that you must know how to KEEP THE ANGLES.

A while ago, I wrote what I thought was a great article on " LAG" what it is and how to create it.

Lag is nothing more than a great angle. Created on the backswing and maintained or increased on the downswing.

Watch Sergio Garcia and you will see tremendous " LAG" created on his downswing.

How does he do that?

Here is how: your right wrist must be pushed bent back toward your right forearm. It is often referred to as the Trayed Position. As if you were holding a tray of dirty dishes on your way back to the kitchen. Like a waiter.

The Trayed Position

Try it. Bend your right arm so that it is at 90 degrees. Now just bend you right hand straight back toward your right forearm.

Look at that position. See that it is supporting a golf club with the hand “under" not on the side of the club while at the top of the swing.

Believe it or not. . . this is the glue that holds a good golf swing together. This one angle creates other angles that are essential to a repeatable golf swing. Golf instruction rarely pays much attention to this or to the other created angles. I do and it is because we all should try to do as much right as possible in every swing that we take. This trayed position is the one thing that all good players have in common. Great players do several other things as well. . . but let's just face it , we are not destined to become great players. But listen to this. . . there is no reason why you all cannot be very good players.

I must tell you that it will be impossible to get into this all important trayed position if you have a crappy grip. . so fix the grip.

The idea of an early bend in the right wrist is an excellent concept and I endorse it fully. It is a move that you can make and then forget about it. Then you are sure that you have created the one angle that is vital to your repeating swing.

So during the first stage of your move away, push against your left thumb with the pad of your right hand. Just a gentle but firm push will start the bending of the right wrist. Then turn to the finish of your backswing with this angle in tact.

Now the hard part. . . you must maintain this angle for as long as you possible can. The evidence of this being done is at the impact position. And here is the evidence that convinces you that you have created and kept this angle.

"Your hands beat the clubhead to the ball" that's right. Your hands are ahead of the clubhead at impact.

Do this and you will soon be a “player"

Start this with the minnie swing drill.

Set up with a short iron, create the right wrist angle early and turn into a small backswing. And now just turn back to the ball making sure your hands are ahead of the ball at impact.

A small move nothing big. But do it until you can feel the correct move to the ball with the angle in tact.

This is a powerful move and creates a very straight and accurate trajectory. Pro like, is the best description.

If you want to know if there are any real magic moves in the golf swing the answer is yes, there are four. You can learn the first one here for free and take it to the range for a spin, click here:


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