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Robin Williams Golf


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Robin Williams is well known for his role of Mork, in Mork and Mindy, and for his numerous movie appearances, in such films as Hook, Dead Poet's Society and Good Morning Vietnam. Robin Williams though has a long established stand up show. It was one of these appearances off of Broadway that the Robin Williams Golf sketch was created and recorded.

Robin Williams golf is now stand up gold, and look on the internet you will see hundreds of sites hosting the clip and praising its virtues. It may though not be to everyone's taste and some of the language is not for youngsters or those easily offended. It is though a humorous way to look at how the game of golf was created, and follows on from a few jokes about Scotsmen. It is therefore probably a good idea not to view the clip if you don't like American comedians doing a Scottish accent, or if you are sensitive about your Scottish roots.

Robin Williams golf is all about the origins of the game, and how it was invented by a drunk Scotsman. It focuses on the basic rules, using a crooked stick to hit the ball, into a hole that is miles away and then decide to put obstacles in the way to make it even more difficult. The clip basically gets all of the facts right and it does seriously make you wonder how the game of golf has become so popular. Hitting a ball and walking around the countryside for six or seven hours doesn't sound like fun.

The stand up routine of Robins Williams golf then moves onto to look at the clothes that golfers where. This then focuses on how golfers have the nerve to dress in some of the outrageous clothes that no one else would be seen dead in, even if you were a 1970s pimp. The routine then winds up by making people think about why people like to watch the game and how commentators make the game seem as interesting as watching the grass on the greens grow.

For those people used to Robin Williams in more family orientated roles, the Robin Williams golf sketch may come as a huge shock. There is a lot of swearing, although whether you can understand everything that is being said is debatable. Luckily for those wanting to catch every word there are clips available that have subtitles.

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