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Discover The Secrets to Lower Scores, Short Game Magic First Secret Revealed


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So. . you've hit a pretty good tee ball. You have 157 yard to the middle of the green. You take your selected club after careful consideration, and you are ready to attack the pin.

Whack! You hit a great shot, it's heading right at the pin. ( this is exciting) And then, out of nowhere, a gust of wind knocks your ball out of the air and it falls pitifully to the ground short of the green. ( this is not exciting) What a great game. Your mental visions of a possible birdie have completely plummeted out of the area of your brain where expectations reside.

The thought has totally disappeared. Great! An attitude begins to build.

As you approach your ball you begin to size up the situation and get prepared to execute your next shot. Since it is just off the green, you contemplate just putting the damn thing since you are not all that confident about chipping it close enough to make par. (note: there is no thought of a birdie)

But you note that the fringe of the green is a bit high and you don't think you can putt it hard enough to get it close to the hole. It's a long ways away. Crap! A back pin on a big green, slightly up hill. Crap!

So. . you are forced into doing what you just don't want to do, and it's because your short game sucks. You have no choice. So you grab an eight iron, get the line, practice swing and now you feel terrible but you have to do this. So you hit the thing with a half hearted effort, hoping that something good will happen, yet knowing that it won't, because it almost never does.

Your short game still sucks as you watch your ball skull it's way over the green into the rough on the opposite side of the hole.

Folks, I know this happens on golf courses across the country every single day. And I know that it is frustrating the pants off most of those who do it.

So let's fix it. But first let's set up some rules.

1. When around the greens, less air time is better, unless it's a flop shot
2. Get it rolling as soon as you can
3. Your hands are always ahead of the ball, yes even at impact
4. Especially at impact
5. Always pick a spot to land the ball on the green. Not once in a while, always, even if it's wrong!
6. Make an effort to read the break
7. Hit it harder if it's up hill
8. Hit it softer if it's downhill
9. Try to make it, there is no future in trying to miss it
10. Some times for some people it's best to use one club for all shots, more on that later
11. Practice
12. Put you weight on your forward foot and leave it there for this shot
13. Never, ever allow the clubhead to out race you hands, never, ever do this, ever!
14. Hands go first.
15. Hit down on the ball
16. Do not release the club, chase the ball with it.
17. Set your right wrist angle at the set up position and keep it that way.
18. See the ball get it, helps stay down on the shot, rather down than up and out,

So there are a few rules. Actually this shot is very simple. You have to decide a few things first. Since you are a fair distance from the pin you will have to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling all the way to the pin.

I don't like the idea of hitting all the way to the pin in the air and hoping for it to bite up and stop. Too many things can go wrong.

It makes more sense to get this shot on the green and rolling toward the hole asap.

Here is an example of using the same club for these shots. Let's take a 60 degree wedge and hit this shot with it.

You can get the ball rolling and keep it rolling by taking the backspin off the ball. This is done by hooding the club closed. This does two things. One is that it turns the 60 degree into a 50 or 45 degree. The other thing it does is it moves the grooves of the club face at a severe angle to the ball thus taking the grooves more or less out of the picture. This causes the ball to roll forward much better because the grooves no longer have the cutting effect on the ball and so no backspin.

You may think that the ball will go dead left with such a severe closed clubface. I suggest you take it to the practice green and see for yourself. You will be surprised at what happens.

There are lots of little tricks that will not be revealed to you by most. This is just one of them. Taking spin off the ball is a very good strategy when you need to get it rolling and keep it rolling.

You have much more control of distance and you will increase you chances of saving par. But even more important is that after you have done this a few times you will notice that the pressure to hit the green on every shot is reduced.

Your confidence soars as you get it up and down more and more.

So try this . . see how it works of you. If you do it right, you will chip as if by magic.

If you want to know if there are any real magic moves in the golf swing the answer is yes, there are four. You can learn the first one here for free and take it to the range for a spin, click here:


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