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Golf Instruction Often Has it Wrong, Here is an Excellent Example of A Checkpoint for You!


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Manipulation, Constant Correct, Continuous Confusion, Mired in Contradictions. . all meaningful phrases that perfectly describe the average attitude and execution of the golf swing.

And there is a very good reason for these phrases.

You are doing it wrong. Otherwise you would never be in constant correction or need to manipulate and you would not be confused from one day to the next.

Last weekend I was watching the Buick Open. One of the announcers made this outlandish comment that typifies why our collective golf swings are so bad and so slow to improve.

As one of the players hit his shot, the announcer said, " That was an excellent swing, look at the beautiful position of his cupped left hand at the top of his swing"

Now I know that you see lots if players on the tour with a “cupped left hand" at the top of the swing. And I know that many of these players do very well with this position.

I also know that it takes a considerable amount of manipulation to get that cupped left hand to square up at impact. Only the best of the athletes can do it and even they have trouble with it.

Do yourself a favor and try this:

Take a club and put it into your normal backswing position. Now, make sure that your left hand is in this “cupped position" . . . this is where the back of your left hand is bent back toward the forearm.

Now, without any change at all, no hand movement whatsoever, just turn your shoulders and go to the impact position. Maintain the “cupped left hand"

If you did this correctly, you can note the position of the clubface and you will see that it is wide open.

It is obvious that if you have a cupped left hand at the top of your backswing you will have to do something about it before you get to impact or you will hit a major slice or a block to the right.

The likely move will be an early release in order to get the club squared up. This early release is a very very common move, seen on every driving range in America, every day, day in and day out.

There is no way that an average person could break 85 with this move. If you do than you are not average. Imagine how you would do if you did it correctly and did not have to release early and could maintain your power angles into impact.

You would hit it with tons more power, and with more accuracy. Two very good ideas. Nothing wrong with long and straight.

So lets try another experiment. Doing the same thing as before. Take your club to the top of your backswing.

Note the cupped left hand. Now, just eliminate the cup. Position the back of the left hand so that is exactly in line with your forearm. Or a straight left hand, not cupped.

This should put your right hand in the well known “trayed position" or bent back.

If you have achieved this position, then just turn into the impact position without changing the position of your hands. If you did it correctly you have a squared clubface or slightly closed.

You did this with no manipulation at all. The perfect impact position without a downswing correction.

Next time you watch the pros on TV, watch Tom Lehmen's left hand position at the top of his swing.

If you learn to get into this powerful position, you will hit it like magic.

If you want to know if there are any real magic moves in the golf swing the answer is yes, there are four. You can learn the first one here for free and take it to the range for a spin, click here:


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