Golf Swing Series: Improve Your Accuracy and Timing

Bill Maitland

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The two movements of the down swing.

When making a golf shot, consciously perform your down swing so that it is in two parts. This will increase your accuracy and your timing will be the best it has ever been. Have a look at the average club golfer and see how he/she hits golf shots. You will see the player take the golf club back to varying distances and at once start to hit the ball from here. Not hitting from the top exactly, but the down swing starts from the top of the backward excursion. Here is what I am suggesting. Here is what works wonderfully for me. Take your stance normally in preparation to make your swing. Complete your back swing and then stop at the top. One has to stop to be able to perform the next step. You have to have time for the next move.

As though standing in a tube so that you do not sway, rotate your left hip in a backward direction. This will bring your hands down to below your right shoulder (right handers – and vice versa for lefties).

Without stopping the downward motion, start hitting the ball from this position of your hands. It will feel that your down swing is made up of two parts. The rotation of the left hip and then the conscious continuation of the down swing using your arms. Hit the ball hard from this position. This in effect shortens the hitting arc as the attempt to hit the ball seems to start at a lower level than normal. However, there is downward movement of the hands due to the left hip rotation. Continue this downward movement with the arms as you swing to hit the golf ball.

Hit the ball hard and the momentum of the club will take the club head through the hitting line. It will be almost impossible to hit a wayward shot if you do this correctly as the club head just can not deviate from the swing path. It is going too fast and there is too much control.

The ball will travel just as far or even further as your timing will be really good. It will have improved to amazing proportions. You will also find that you will have less tendency to lift your head as you are concentrating so hard on hitting the ball – an added bonus.

Give it a go. You will be more than pleased.

Bill Maitland is a thinking, inventive golf guru. He thought out and developed simple techniques and tips which enabled him to lower his handicap from 25 to 18, then from 18 to 15, and finally from 15 to 12. He is a passionate golfer, and delights in helping others with their game should they want his help. To learn about his tips and simple techniques,


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Golf Swing Tips The Most Important Tip to Improve Your Golf Swing Technique
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