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If you wish to learn how to play golf, you can hire a golf instructor to guide you. However, if an instructor is not available or you just can’t afford one, you can always refer to books and magazines to know how the game is played. This can be especially helpful if you prefer self-study. Golf literature can teach you about preparation for a game, rules and etiquette, and the best and latest golf equipment on the market.

For the most part, learning always includes trying to play the game and learning how to maneuver each club using proper technique. A beginner should observe other players closely when on the golf course. It is necessary for a beginner to ask someone about his or her posture while playing. This “spotting" is essential to pinpoint certain deficiencies you have in the game. It also gives the beginner an idea on what to focus on in his game. Ask your golf buddies for other useful tips to help you improve your game.

Watching how others play the game can be very helpful. You can observe the proper posture and alignment of the body when taking a swing. If you want to learn from the best, watch professional golf on sports channels. Observe how professionals approach the sport and try to imitate their posture in front of a mirror.

Learning how to play golf in this manner has its own advantages. For example, it gives you an opportunity to assess personal achievements regarding the game and to learn without being pressured. You learn at your own pace. There are also disadvantages, however, since there is a great difference between professional instruction and learning the game through trial and error on the golf course. Having someone instruct you firsthand means that you are exposed to a variety of approaches and given the chance to choose which swing best suits you. When you learn the game on your own, it takes time before you get the swing to work for you. Nevertheless, learning golf through free instruction is a challenge for the eager beginner that might prove rewarding in the end.

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Golf Instruction 5 Top Tips on Improving Your Golf Swing
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