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When you stand on the first tee, whether it be a Saturday morning four-ball or a medal round, or something a little more serious that that, what is the main thought in your head?

Your really shouldn’t be thinking about how thirsty you’ll be at the end of the round and the cold beer is going to taste just great, should you? Perhaps you had a great Friday night, and the tail end of it still lingers in the mind! So, just what should be in your mind? If you don’t know then your golfing life could be quite miserable.

Did you arrive 15 or 20 minutes before your tee time, or have you rushed to the club just in time to make the slot with your name on it? If the latter, again your golfing life will be jaded, to say the least!

Why am I saying this? – because I’ve been there and done it. So this is the voice of experience saying – clear your mind of everything and concentrate on your golf.

Now, you’re on the first tee you’ve pulled the driver out of the bag and the tee is in the ground with a Dunlop 65 on it (yes, its brand new !) and this is the first shot of the round. Did you line up correctly? Are you standing with the feet pointing in the right direction – not slightly off line because that will not only affect your swing path, but could cause you to slice or hook the ball. Are your shoulders in line with your feet – did you check all these LITTLE things?

You see, golf is not a game of brawn, but mainly of brain. You must THINK! Never worry about distance, because if you try to hit the ball hard, you could move your body from the correct plane, causing all sorts of problems. Swing gently (I don’t mean softly) but with a swing that will stay on plane, and you will remain on balance. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you must think nothing but golf, but concentration on what you are doing is vitally important.

When you play a shot, try and shut out all noises, conversations with other players, because if you don’t there will be something that will distract you. This will apply to every shot you make whether or not it is with a wood, a long iron, a wedge, or the putter. Concentration is so important I can’t stress it enough.

Golf is such a popular game today, and it’s popularity is increasing at an alarming rate, and more and more youngsters are taking it up. I said earlier that this a game of brain, and if you don’t use that little grey matter to think your way round the course, go and take up tiddly winks.

If you watch the professionals in tournaments they never stop thinking. If you see them in conversation its usually with their caddy, and then its not about anything other than the game in hand! If you want to play good golf with good scores, you’ll emulate them and use all your powers of concentration on the next shot – which you should never decide upon until you get to the ball and see how it is lying.

As I say, think your way to lower scores and consequently lower handicaps. After all, that is why we play the game isn’t it – to beat not only our opponent but the course as well!

Happy Golfing and God Bless

Tony Bryan – The Audio Ebook Guy.

Tony is a retired Finance Director, single handicap golfer and author of the Audio Ebook – Golf The Short Game. Other audio ebooks are in the making. . This article may be reprinted as is, without alteration but MUST include this Bio.


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