Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

Edward Charkow

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Choosing the right clubs when it comes to playing your best golf game can be quite the tricky proposition. In fact, if you decide to just walk into a golf store you could very well be overwhelmed by the shear number of options that are so readily available to you. There are all kinds of brands that claim they do ‘this’ and ‘that’ for your golf game (most beginning golfers have no idea what ‘this’ and ‘that’ are much less whether they need improvement with ‘this’ or ‘that’. )

The sheer truth of the matter is that no club is going to be best for you simply based on what problem it claims to fix. Well, maybe big Bertha can help you make longer drives, but most serious golfers consider that to be cheating. The trick is choosing the right golf clubs for your individual golf game.

The reality of that is that it isn’t always possible to find a set that will be optimized to your need. The best way to go will be to have an analyses done at Ping and order custom made equipment. The problem with this is that the average golfer truly can’t afford such an investment in a hobby that is quite expensive to pursue even without cost prohibitive clubs.

If you’ve played the sport a little while and your old set of clubs is tired and you are looking for ways to improve your score a little at a time, then perhaps you should consider incorporating one of the nicer clubs at a time into your golf set (all the while eliminating less effective clubs). This will help you improve a little as you go and slowly get the best set of golf clubs for your game at the same time. ‘A little bit is better than nada’ after all.

I do not recommend going out and buying a set of clubs because you see your favorite pro golfer wearing a shirt representing that brand. Your pro golfer’s clubs are going to be custom made and fitted for him and her and not the same clubs you can go in and buy off the shelf. I also don’t suggest buying a set of clubs because you like their name or they look different from the other clubs. Talk to the salesman at the shop, ask questions and discuss problems you are having with your golf game. Get his suggestions, then go home and research that. You do not want to fill his pockets with a commission check that is best for him and own a set of clubs that aren’t best for you.

No matter what steps you take towards choosing the right set of golf clubs, they will not magically fix your golf game. Combine the right set of clubs with lessons from a pro and regular practice and you should begin to see slow and steady improvement. You also keep in mind that if everyone could be Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, we’d all be on the pro tour. Some of us are just not naturally talented in the golf arena and no clubs are going to fix that. It’s about fun after all, that’s the most important thing.

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