Drew Henson Week 4 NFL Europe Pass By Pass Analysis


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OVERVIEW:  Henson looked really good today.  He only missed on a couple of passes.  His numbers would have been even better without all the drops.  He finished the game 15 of 23 for 192 yards and two touchdowns.  He continued to show his great decision making, his superb arm strength, good accuracy on most routes, great mechanics, and excellent mobility and poise under pressure.  He also showed improvement in his deep throws, which was one of his biggest weaknesses through the first few weeks.  The main thing he needs to work on now is his short comeback routes.  They are often thrown high, which sets his WRs up to get nailed.  I would like to see him make a few more difficult down the field throws, but he hasn’t had many opportunities to do so.  Other than these two things, you couldn’t ask for a better performance by him.   I’m starting to get very excited about him.  I don’t see why he can’t be our future quarterback if he can work out his minor flaws and continue to develop.      

1.  2 & 10  Drops back, side step rush and hits TE in the right flats for a 17 yard gain.  Showed nice mobility in the pocket and the ability to find the open receiver under pressure.

2.  2 & 10  Short drop, throws the short comeback high, WR doesn’t come down with it.  Roughing the passer called.

3.  2 & 11  Play fake, makes a perfect pass to WR running a square in about 20 yards down field, dropped pass.  Perfect pass bulleted into a spot where only the WR could have caught it.

4.  3 & 11  Shotgun, hits WR for a comeback on the left sideline.  Perfect pass, but the WR cut the route short of the 1st down.

5.  1 & 10  Play action rollout, puts the ball a little behind the TE in the flats.  Incomplete. TE still should have caught the pass.

6. 3 & 12  Shotgun, Hits TE coming all the way across the field towards the left sideline.  Dropped.  Perfect pass that should have been a 1st down completion.

7.  1 & 10  Drops back, nobody open so he pulls the ball in and starts to run forward.  Tackled immediately for a 1 yard loss.  Good decision, he never seems to force a throw into coverage.

8.  3 & 9  Shotgun, Rifles it to TE running across the middle to the right.  He fit this ball in a fairly tight window.  A really pretty pass.

9.  1 & 10  Under pressure, hits RB in flats for 5 yard gain.

10.  1 & 10  Drops back, lofts a bomb up for WR over the top.  Perfect pass, the WR catches it and falls down at the 1 yard line.  36 yard gain.  First good deep ball he has thrown really well in the 4 games (he has attempted about 5).

11.  1 & 10  Throws slant underneath to TE.  Easy pass completed for 9 yard gain.  Would be 9-9 without the 3 drops to this point.

12.  1 & 10  Play-action.  Passes underneath to RB.  RB turns and gets hammered by DB.  Drops ball, incomplete pass.

13.  1 & 10  3 step drop, quickly throws WR on short in route.  CB knocks ball away.

14.  3 & 12  4 WRs, RB motions outside.  Drew throws ball over towards RB.  RB goes up over CB who had his back to the QB.  Nice catch, 20 yard gain.

15.  1 & 10  Quick drop, hits WR in  the flat for 8 yard gain.

16.  1 & goal  Plenty of time, WR never got open.  Throws it out of the back of the endzone.

17.  2 & goal  Shotgun, heavy blitz.  Throws out to RB in the right flats.  2 yard gain.  RB gets hammered.

18.  3 & goal  Play breaks down, avoids two rushers.  Sprints towards the right sideline, pulls up and throws nice pass to open WR in the back of the endzone.  Never took is eyes of his target.  Really nice play that only a few guys in the NFL can make.

19.  1 & 10 from the 30  Throws ball into the endzone to WR. Nice pass but good coverage by the CB.  Incomplete pass.  Showed nice touch on the deep ball again, a NFL receiver would have came down with that ball.

20.  3 & 7  Shotgun, 4 WRs.  Hits RB who was out wide on a curl route.  Gained 1st down, but the RB fumbles and Hamburg recovers.  Change call on the field to down by contact, Rhein keeps the ball.

21.  2 & 7  Hits WR on a short out cut.  Nice pass into WR’s chest, but a great open field tackle.  2 yard gain

22.  3 & 5  The magician is at it again.  Broken play, runs to the left.  Pulls up and hits WR coming across the middle.  Shows he can roll out and make throws to the left or right.  8 yard gain, Touchdown.

23.  1 & 10  Throws ball at the WR’s shoe tops out in the flats.  Don’t know what happened on this throw.  First really bad throw of the came.               

 24.  3 & 6  Quick drop, hits RB was lined up in the slot.  It was a little slant across the empty middle of the field.  25 yard gain.  

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