Don't Get In Too Much of a Hurry


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I want to let fellow anglers know to take your time fishing your bait. It's very important a lot of times to slow down and make sure you're working the cover to the fullest. I want to tell a story. . .

Our first trip on the lake bassin’ last season, I was fishing the flowage in styles. It was me, my girl, and her brother. We started early fishing from shore. As we were fishing, we saw a lot of tourney guys. Found out there was a tourney there in the next couple days, so the guys were doing a little pre-fishing. We noticed these pros were flying through our area in a hurry. We also noticed not 1 of them caught a bass. We just smiled and kept fishing. By lunch, we all had at least 5 or 6 nice bass, but we weren't done yet. We spent all afternoon. At the end of a long day, we managed to reel in 50 plus bass.

What did I note from the tourney guys? Well, we didn't see them reel any bass in. They worked that area with far too much speed, and the wrong bait and presentation. It was all wrong. They were using spinners and cranks, but were working these baits way too fast. Some were only makin’ one cast at cover, before heading to the next spot.

This is what we did. We were using a twin tailed grub by Gary Yamamoto and one from another company called Chompers. We had these grubs Texas rigged on 3/0 Gammy hooks. We would cast them out and really just let the bass grab them off the bottom. Then we'd give the bait a little pop here and there, but overall a very slow presentation. A lot of the time you would go to pop the bait, and the fish was on. Well, just a thought.

I also wanted to say that all day we focused on a few patches of cover and all day we where productive. I also have to say that my girl pulled in a nice 18inch largemouth and her brother pulled in a 21 inch largemouth weighing in at 5lbs, so if you go and something isn't working, try changing the little stuff first. . . like slowing or speeding your presentation. Then, if you still get no bite, switch your crank bait to plastic or spinner to popper and you should get results as well as learn a few new tricks.

by Big Mike Baptiste from Green Bay, Wisconsin


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