An Angler's Last Request

Jim Dourney

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Quite often the time I spend fishing has very little to do with actually catching fish. Mostly, it is about being alone with my thoughts and letting my mind unwind from work, traffic and the other stresses that that wear me down. Just a few hours casting a plug can change a miserable day into nothing more than a slight annoyance; rejuvenating mind, body and spirit so I can face any new challenges with a fresh outlook.

I guess you could say that the Indian River Lagoon is my church. When I'm wading as the sunset turns the sky crimson, gold, pinks and purples, the ospreys soar overhead and schools of mullet move across the calm water, I am at peace. I never feel closer to God than in those moments. At times like that, it's an odd feeling to wish someone was there share it with, but at the same time to be happy you're alone.

If you share my point of view, the next time your spouse catches you sneaking off with rod in hand simply explain to them that you are going to church. How can they possibly object?

The Indian River is in my soul. It flows through me like the tides. So, when I'm gone, if you find a little cove where the osprey stands guard from a tall tree, the mullet are nervous and the sun puts on a show every afternoon, spread my ashes there because I will be home.

Jim is an avid saltwater angler and the owner of . His family has been in Florida for many generations which gives him a unique perspective on Florida of the past and future.


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