The Things You Won't Look Out For (But Should) When Night Fishing


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5 Things To Be Careful of When Night Fishing

Night fishing can be some of the most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling fishing you ever do in your life. It can also be the most dangerous fishing you ever do as well. Here are 5 quick things to look out for and be careful of next time you venture out. . .

One - Trees can make your trip miserable.

We used to fish at the same lake every weekend for 6 months during the day. I knew this lake like the back of my hand, so it seemed anyway. One Saturday night, we decided to try our luck night fishing on this lake.

Once we got out in the water, we were catching fish like no other. Maybe it was carelessness or the adrenaline flowing, but we were whipping around the lake to get to our favorite daytime spot, anxious to see if we would get the same results.

What appeared to be open water was actually a graveyard of fallen trees and submerged tree stumps. I'm sure you can imagine the damage the boat received. Just goes to show you the waters are completely different at night than in the day. Sure we knew the water had trees throughout, but they were much easier to see during the day.

Two - Other boaters

While you have control over the lights on your boat, you don't have that luxury with other boats on the water with you. Some people do not abide by the law and they choose to not use their lights when night fishing for whatever reason. Seeing another boat at night when they do not have their lights on can be a challenge.

Three - Insects

Big fish aren't the only things that come out at night. Expect to find more mosquitoes and black flies at night, eager to snack on your skin. Always bring some bug spray (deet) with you.

Four - Wildlife

Like insects, you may find an increase in animals out at night with you. One in particular are snakes. For some reason, we come across more snakes at night than during the day.

Five - Fishing with others

It is hard to see your partner's rod when he is casting at night. Many times have I been snagged by a lure being casted by my partner. Keep an eye out for your co-fishermen when you cast your line.

Daniel Eggertsen is a long time fishermen, as well as President and Founder of Evening Secret Fishing - ( )


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