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Types of Fishing Lures for Beginners

Chickie Maxwell

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The world of fishing can be very confusing to beginning fishermen. There is a lot to learn, and much of it can be very confusing. One of the most frequently confusing aspects for beginning fishermen is the world of fishing lures. There are many different types of lures, and it can be very difficult to make sense of them all. This guide will make the beginning angler an expert in lures in no time.

To get started, there are seven types of lures available. They are spinners, spoons, jigs, plugs, soft plastic baits, spinnerbaits and flies. Let’s break down all seven types of fishing lures.

1. Spinners

Spinners are one of the most commonly used fishing lures for beginners. They are very simple devices, and are very easy to use. A spinner is essentially a metal shaft that is attached to a spinning blade. When the spinner is dragged through the water, it makes the blade spin. This creates noise and motion that attracts the fish.

Spinners are great for murky water, since their sound is one of the chief attributes that attracts the fish. To use a spinner simply cast it and reel it in over and over. The spinner lure works when it is in motion.

2. Spoons

A spoon is a metal lure that is curved. It is called a spoon because early models were literally made from spoons. The curved shape of the spoon makes the lure wobble through the water. Spoons are one of the most versatile fishing lures, and they can be used in every conceivable fishing situation. Most spoons for beginners will be used just like spinners. Simply cast and retrieve them over and over.

3. Jigs

Jigs are a bit more interesting lures. They are made with a weighted lead head, which is then covered with a tail of feathers, hair or a similar material. The jig is cast out and then allowed to sink to the bottom. The angler then makes it move around in a series of jerks that make it jig around in the water.

4. Plugs

Plugs are bigger fishing lures that are made from hollowed out wood or plastic. They usually have two sets of hooks attached to them. Some plugs will float on the surface and some will dive under the water, but most do both.

5. Soft Plastic Baits

These fishing lures are made from soft plastic to resemble bait. The most common resemble worms, but others resemble other insects, lizards or frogs. These lures are mostly used for bass fishing.

6. Spinnerbaits

These are very strange looking fishing lures. They are two pronged. One prong looks like a spinner, and the other prong has a lead head with plastic or rubber skirting. They are designed to sit about five feet underneath the water. Anglers cast them out and then slowly reel them in.

7. Flies

These fishing lures are made from hooks, feathers and fur to resemble insects. They are usually used in fly fishing, but they can be used with spinning gear if they have a bobber attached.

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