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Better Carp Fishing Results and Personal Wealth Using Innovative Methods!

Tim F. Richardson

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You pay a fortune on bait hoping to catch lots of big fish and yet the average carp angler is just that - average, because he catches no more fish than the rest. This literally means something he is doing or thinking approach just is not working. Most anglers simply throw money in the bin in bait costs etc because they have missed something so very vital to success!

Big catfish and carp fishermen use many baits as ground baits, including maize, sweetcorn, hemp, boilies, pellets, and commercially made ground baits etc, ) and these can cost you a fortune through each year! The vast percentage of this is actually wasted due to it not transferring into fish caught. This means excessive amounts of money are wasted because obviously something is being missed in the thinking and angling approach being used by the average angler!

If you are consistently feeding your swim each time you fish and this does not consistently equate to better catches, then you are simply feeding the fish, going through the motions and expecting miracles to occur as doing the same thing repeatedly and keeping expecting results to be different is simply a definition of insanity!

Even hard-fished for big catfish as well as carp can become particularly unresponsive to popular baits and techniques even though they may have been so successful previously! So how do you save all this wasted money on bait used in free baiting and actually improve your catches by converting you're baiting into more fish, consistently; because that is the big issue here!

You see it is not just bait costs which mount up through the year; but all the associated and increasing costs of fishing that we are all battling to save money on personally in many ways and these all add up to a fortune! For example like time not earning, all your travelling and motoring costs, food and drink money, fishing club memberships or tickets, the huge regular costs of replacing all those fishing tackle bits etc! So why not make every bit of money and time invested in your fishing pay you back with far more interest!?

In economically uncertain times especially, making the most of your money in terms of leveraging your fishing bait costs best, is generally far more important to everyone, (except the more fortunate minority, ) because bait is such an absolutely necessary but totally disposable item (and it really can cost so much!)

This is may be personally less of a problem where fishing is very easy and everyone seems to catch no matter what the level of their angling ability, experience or amount of bait used etc. But this article is really referring to those angling-pressured waters where fish react far more cautiously towards your fishing baits, rigs and so on.

And it also seems to me that judging your levels of success by comparing the average catches made by other anglers on any water, is not accurate at all when applied to you personally. After all, how does any individual know what he is truly able to achieve? Many individuals have astounded the angling majority with their innovations and amazing results due to being different.

This might be an innovative baiting approach like using PVA tubes to bait-up, or using baiting patterns that are just not normal etc. Some differences to the usual approach might appear to be relatively minor; like using 2 inches of line on your hair-rig hook, or the developing the ability to cast that bit further and more accurately into weed holes or under far bank bushes, and so on. )

Now back to how to save money on bait in your fishing in real terms! Many wary fish on pressured waters will not feed on fresh baits put out as free baits, and those that do may even feed in far more alert modes of behaviour in order to detect dangerous hook baits more easily. If you got hooked each time you ate something your confidence and behaviour in eating something you desire is obviously going to change because such food is potentially it is a threat to your survival. This can be despite the fact that many modern HNV and BNV baits for instance, have been specifically designed to promote fish's survival; but you still might wait 3 days or more before fish actually confidently consume those leached-out baits!

Of course, it is a well-known fact that fish will feed far more confidently on baits that have been washed-out, as anglers rarely use such baits on their rigs nor hook fish on such baits, (hint hint!) Therefore the associated danger from such baits to fish is drastically reduced, and your chances of pick-ups using such baits are improved greatly!

On very pressured fisheries, Mr average angler will bait-up upon arriving and perhaps fish for 48 hours, maybe blank, and then be followed into the swim by another angler who simply does the same things with the same thinking approaches, and gets the same poor catches as a result! This is a pattern that is prevalent on so many carp waters today and the conveyor-belt like manifestation of the straight-jacketed thinking the majority of average anglers seem satisfied with.

Yes, occasionally the fortunate angler who happens to be in a previously such pre-baited swim with get good results and hence the appearance of so many so-called popular swims! But all this incessant baiting on many water in certain swims can backfire as fish respond to captures, and in such a case all the bait can go off and kill the swim, (as Mr average carp angler arrives and baits up again, adding to the problem!)

When your fishing activities become habitual and a kind of automatic process, this often means you have by-passed your thinking processes and are not focussing upon the constantly changing challenges that changing variables and fish behaviours and impacts of other anglers seriously have, and your results will severely reflect this! After all, you might well act differently every day in order to fool predators just to see the next day and carp have this instinct to survive which they use all the time which means what we do or think that worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work today. . .

For instance, it was very lucky of me to catch a carp of 38 pounds; an amazing very pale white mirror (not koi carp) from one very pressured UK water. In over 7 years it was seen but not caught, but it was the combination of new bait, rig, baiting method and frequency and other things combined that produced this fish, (that all those anglers did not do previously, ) and this unique combination produced dozens more good fish following this capture.

It took new bait attractors and rarely used feeding triggers in (new concentrations and combinations, ) plus new baiting approaches, methods and applications to catch that very special fish which was followed by numbers of other good fish proving the effort of though even more worth-while. But there is something on every water to exploit that defeats the natural and angler-trained conditioning of fish responses and reactions to what you do in order to catch them. Being different even in one single way or combining new, adapted or new combinations of old ways etc can all achieve what just going through the motions cannot!

By fully considering the implications of your fishing activities on fish, in terms of negative and positive impacts on their senses, in relation to the progressive conditioning by angling activities and baits and natural senses and behavioural sensitivities, you can unlock excellent results. The questions and answers may be common to all waters, but there will always be things unique in your fishing of any particular water that produces better results; being refined specifically for that exact moment in time on that water.

By leveraging your more exacting angling solutions at any moment in time on a water, you can know for sure that your bait costs will be leveraged to far greater effect and this avoids so much of that bait wastage that simply going through the motions produces!

Your efforts are never wasted when it comes to making differences that can catch you more fish and save you a fortune in bait that simply does not translate into fish. Imagine the next occasion you arrive at a water and start automatically going through the motions; perhaps you will stop and think what this truly costs you, and how to make your bait really pay! Many great solutions thinking anglers will think up in 10 years may become apparent to you personally (right now) with a little extra thought. . . If you have been stimulated by this article then this bait and fishing secrets ebook author can help you in many other ways!

By Tim Richardson.

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Carp Fishing Tips - What Everybody Ought To Know About Fish Care
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