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Best Carp Fishing Baits Improving Big Fish Catches With Nutritional Value Bait!

Tim F. Richardson

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Carp and protein baits are well and truly associated with each other today and with very good reason. However, effective carp fishing baits are not solely just about protein but combining the balance of nutrients in one's bait so that all the nutrition in your bait is most fully utilised biologically even leading to fish actually seeking out your bait and producing great catches.

Protein is an extremely important component of carp fishing baits and this is in no little part due to the fact that carp are supremely well evolved to utilise protein and derive energy from it as opposed to the far scarcer carbohydrate food in their diet.
Most carp anglers would certainly agree that a bait that contains a significant percentage of highly digestible protein ingredients will produce consistent catches of big carp when fished sensibly.

Of course, protein baits are not strictly necessary to catch carp, nor are high levels of protein used in a bait either, but the digestive availability (biological nutritional value in effect) of protein bait ingredients can assure you far better catches long and short-term in comparison to a huge range of other baits. How do you compare the effect of tiger nuts and peanuts upon carp as opposed to a high nutritional value or balanced nutrition boilie or pellet bait, or even to hemp for instance? They all work very well, but fishing pressures on fish by anglers can make a big difference to catch results over time, plus the range of individual ingredients you can use to differentiate your own bait from any other anglers can be a massive edge.

Of course there are additional substances you can use as dips and soaks to alter the usual characteristics of hemp, sweetcorn, pellets, many particle baits and even plastic fake baits for that matter. But how much this creates a situation where your fish behave in a way which means they come looking for that bait as opposed to other competing anglers’ baits is very interesting. This is where utilising the very best nutritional value ingredients and bait design and leverage of these together can get a definite edge, and there is far more you can leverage alongside this too.

For example, many anglers know that a balanced protein bait which provides a range of available essential amino acids in the protein ingredients is very beneficial to the fish in terms of health and growth and of course in catch results. But if you are fishing against other very high quality baits you need more edges to sustain results.

It is obvious that adding additional supplemental crystalline carp essential amino acids in combination can improve growth when consumed alongside the whole proteins in a bait. These are very effectively used and utilised as feeding stimulants and food sources teamed with predigested protein ingredients and free form amino acids additives, which are very often all used today in quality nutritional bait design. (The same goes for baits for channel catfish and rainbow trout for instance. . . )

The point is not so much to grow your fish bigger for no particular reason, but to absolutely ensure the fish recognise instinctively the benefits of consuming your free baits. This is especially so when baits are introduced to a water regularly, and fish become confident eating them enthusiastically due to the baits easily available nutritional rewards and energy efficiency as food items. When made correctly a long-term balanced nutrition boilie bait for instance can have hits of big fish on a water within hours and anyone who has made baits of this kind for themselves will agree!

It is extremely noticeable that when a homemade bait for instance not only has fresh highly digestible protein ingredients and is packed with carp essential amino acids, much of which are in forms easily soluble in water, that great catches most often follow its application. Now I know that many anglers use other baits such as pre-packed tiger nuts, hemp, luncheon meat, maize, and even corn and cereal dough based paste type baits with flavours of many kinds and they all catch fish. But if you are just an average skilled angler and dream of catching those big hits of fish with ease by leveraging baits that no other angler has ever used on your water, then HNV boilie baits are well proven over decades throughout the world for predominantly catching the biggest of fish.

Designing a balanced bait in effect is not really rocket science as roughly 80 percent of homemade baits will catch you good fish so results using homemade baits are not a problem - far from it. In fact just the fact that you are using a unique bait which fish have not been previously caught on is a gigantic edge in itself. The huge range of bait formulas and recipes that catch big carp clearly tells us that high nutritional bait theory works but nobody has come up with a scientifically absolute perfect carp fishing bait; because carp learn!

Therefore all you need to do is keep slightly ahead of the fish by making key alterations to a characteristic of your bait which may be associated with danger after a period of good catches, and your baits will keep catching good fish indefinitely. It may well be you simply get yourself a bait company base mix and add something unique of your own to differentiate your baits from the readymade baits made from the same base mix which anglers may already be using with some success, to give you that vital edge. For instance you might wish to make up a batch of bait but instead of adding the recommended flavours or liquid additives, you add some which were popular and successful perhaps 5 years are rarely used by anglers on your waters today.

This is very simplistic I know, but it works; just look at the success of certain baits with the simple new addition of a maple flavour for instance. In fact if all you use are readymade baits, there are amazingly potent additives flavour components and other substances which used as bait soaks will totally transform your results compared to your friends using the same bait but straight from the packet. Sorry to be vague about what these things might be; but if these were mentioned here, of course they would not be secret any more; but you would not want everyone to know but certain carp bait and flavour secrets ebooks are available.

This fishing bait secrets ebooks author has many more fishing and bait edges; just one could impact very significantly on your catches!

By Tim Richardson.

For the unique new expert bait making and bait secrets bibles :


Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait maker and proven big fish angler. His unique bait making and enhancing fishing secrets guides are catching big fish for readers in 45 countries so get yours NOW!


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