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How to Make Homemade Carp Baits and Formulas For Big Fish!

Tim F. Richardson

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New baits are the key to consistently catching big carp because they will be treated with far less caution than any baits they have been hooked on previously! You might favor particle baits like peanuts or tiger nuts, or instant baits high in concentrated flavors or nutritionally stimulating baits. But whatever it is you can be sure that keeping them different to what has been used before is absolutely essential for consistent catches.

Improving your baits competitive edges is all about adapting their ingredients or adding extra ones soaked in, or treating the bait with a new process so it smells and tastes different to its previous version. Other carp can senses come into the equation and be exploited in regards to texture, colour, density, shape, buoyancy, firmness, solubility and permeability etc. However you do it, changing a bait in even one small way can sustain your results on it or even totally transform your results far more positively!

Now it is true that much about baits is marketing and gimmicks to catch the attention of angler, just the same as a the flashy paint and spoilers of a car have bear zero impact on its function. However, the fishing bait industry provides us with numerous trustworthy substances to exploit to alter our baits to prolong their effective function and effect. But many of these get over-used and it is a top idea to find new and interesting other ingredients and flavors etc not currently sold for fishing purposes!

There is much said about flavors. This probably because they have such vivid impacts upon our senses as most are mainly based upon strongly volatile solvent substances and many taste and smell like foods we recognize; like pineapple, cranberry, banana and strawberry. Changing flavors can easily produce a new bait and renewed results, but synthetic and solvent based flavors are merely a tiny tip of the real flavors iceberg available to us to exploit. Flavor components can do very various things to fish and the water surrounding our baits to induce bites.

We can associate flavors with fruits and sugars of many kinds from oranges and pineapples to apples, pears, butter and cream, spices and herbs, molluscs and crustaceans, fish and everything in between and those besides. But many flavors are beyond what most anglers would even term flavors and have bitter, sour, salty, sickly, acidic, highly pungent even repulsive effects on us humans, but carp absolutely love them. It is an interesting fact that complete digestion of many substances occurs as a direct result of bacterial action to help break down food in the gut which enzymes alone cannot digest. In this example, this means that flavors and ingredients that are partially digested or even represent or mimic these can be super attractive to fish

In the case of big carp, they can be caught on baits containing strong powerful flavors or minimal amounts or none at all. The angling fishing pressure they receive 24 hours a day will often influence which approaches and which forms of flavor are more stimulatory or more repellent! But even using rubber and plastic baits will eventually be associated with previous captures and be less effective for this reason.

When anglers think of carp baits most will immediately picture round boilies. These have succeeded for decades, but its is noticeable that round and now barrel shaped baits are being easily dealt with by wary carp and other new alternative shapes should be exploited! In the case of rubber and plastic baits, their many characteristics and lack of these too compared to conventional carp baits really gives them edges, but even these are not totally devoid of anything carp can associate with danger.

Out of the potential millions of substances you can exploit to make your bait different, new and totally unique consistently over time there are those which have been proven very successful, especially for the bigger fish and many are well known ingredients and flavors offered by bait companies. But there are of course many ingredients and substances not known by the majority of anglers which are either quietly being used by bait companies or not at all and many have yet to be discovered. We can use our own food ingredients as useful guides to what to use to enhance and differentiate our baits to improve results, as we share similar senses and essential needs as fish (albeit in very specific areas. )

A great additive for big fish baits is betaine. This is a familiar substance for many carp anglers. But why is it special? So many substances trigger feeding or at least induce exploratory feeding behaviours. Well betaine occurs naturally in human diet and fish diet in natural foods. So it is no surprise that it is used for many vital functions roles and processes in our bodies and though not an a carp essential amino acid it is very important and vital to fish. In fact, so vital that it's feeding triggering effects top that of the amino acid alanine which is a known feeding stimulant for very many fish species. The fish olfactory bulb receptor cells are especially stimulated by betaine. It was originally named betaine because it was first identified in the root crops beta vulgaris or beetroot, from which the very first sugar beets were derived from. (Sugars and sweeteners are potent carp feeding triggers. )

Not surprisingly carp are highly stimulated by betaine as it has essential parts to play within its body and its feed triggering effects upon carp sensory mechanisms are is well recommended; especially with amino acids in your baits! The needs of carp for betaine are so high that it beats the intensity of feeding response to a range of well known stimulatory amino acids, the essential building blocks of proteins for growth for example. In fact betaine plays a great role in the formation of digestive juices especially for the digestion of proteins; human and carp digestion and enzymes are significantly similar in very many ways which we can exploit in our baits!

The vast diversity of substances that you can exploit and manipulate in our baits and many forms of ground baits etc to induce bite from carp are endless. But to make things clearer I have been able myself to categorise great numbers of these extremely desirable substances, ingredients, flavors etc into groups including their sources, uses and biological effects on carp. This has been extremely valuable but took over a full year to complete. You can do a bit of this yourself next time you read an ingredients list on a can of cola, bar of chocolate, readymade meal, can of beans, microwavable curry, and try and identify the substances which turn your body and senses on and make you want to eat more; it makes you think! The popularity of camp and fishing, boating and hunting and outdoors hobbies for sport and recreation combine well together, but bait is always the deciding factor if you catch fish or not despite all your efforts; so learn as much as you can and transform your catches!

This fishing bait secrets ebooks author has many more fishing and bait edges; just one could impact very significantly on your catches!

By Tim Richardson.

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Tim Richardson is a homemade carp and catfish bait maker and proven big fish angler. His unique bait making and enhancing fishing secrets guides are catching big fish for readers in 45 countries so get yours NOW!


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